How to charge multiple devices with ChargeTech portable power outlets

ChargeTech- portable-power-outlet

Made for speed and designed for durability, this pixel perfect power couple is lighter and faster than any other power source on the market. Charge whatever, wherever and however (AC 3-prong plug and dual USB phone charging ports). Backed by 365-day warranty, 5″ x 7.5″ godsend gadget is the perfect travel complain or on the… Read more >

15 iPhone Charging and Battery Issues

Increase the Long-Term Battery Life of Your Phone With the addition of iOS 9, iPhone 6/6S, and the iPhone 6/6S Plus, battery life was expected to be increased. However, that is not the case despite the larger phone size. The iPhone 6 has a 1810mAh battery compared to the 1560mAh battery in the iPhone 5S…. Read more >

Series 5 “Always-On” Apple Watch Review, Apple Watch Charging and Battery Life

Why buy the latest Apple Watch Series 5? If you are looking to upgrade your Series 3 or 4 Apple Watch the biggest feature improvement is always-on. Thanks to the LTPO (low-temperature polysilicon oxide) a hardware upgrade on the series 5, the watch can show a dimmed watch face or another screen on your wrist… Read more >

Phone Charging Stations to Improve Business


Multi-device charging station, disinfecting carts and lockable cabinets for companies incorporating mobile technology into day to day operations to improve business.   How Mobile Technology Benefits Life & Business The use of mobile device technology in day to day business practices is changing the way we work and companies operate. From inventory management and product selection… Read more >

Portable Power Outlet for Camping

California offers more than scorching heat and the occasional delicious plate of tacos. It also provides some of the most jaw-dropping sights and views at any one of it’s hundreds of stunning campsites. And with 110 state parks, 9 national forests, 8 national parks and more in the sunny state, there’s a perfect location for… Read more >

Emergency Power Supply Backup Battery

Is a Power Source in Your Emergency Preparedness Checklist? In addition to the standard power outage items and emergency preparedness supplies such as a fire extinguisher, food and water, every emergency preparedness kit should include a portable power station to charge electronics in an emergency. Prepare for No Electricity by Keeping a Backup Battery Pack… Read more >

Product Spotlight: The New S10 Power Floor Stand Charging Station

charging station

Power is a must no matter the time, place, or industry. If you’re a business-owner, understanding and fulfilling that need for your guests can give you a significant edge over your competition. That need for reliable charging outside of the home is what made our Floor Stand Charging Station resoundingly popular. Furthermore, it’s the same… Read more >

10 Tips For What To Do When You’re Stranded At The Airport

I recently found myself stranded in the Philadelphia airport. The airport rolled out cots for travelers who were unable to book a hotel but I found myself at a loss when it came to keeping my phone and iPad charged.   Keep the following tips in mind to survive your stay at the airport. 1…. Read more >

Can You Bring Your Lithium Battery on a Plane? How to Check.

can you bring your lithium battery on a plane?

Leg cramps, wailing children, delays, there are loads of reasons air travel can leave us tossing and turning the night before our trip. The last thing you need added to that list is a confiscated battery pack. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to check whether or not you can bring your lithium battery… Read more >

Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks

With today’s electronic devices and all their functions and the list of APPS that grows at a exponential rate, is why they have far surpassed the capacity of the current battery technology. and why they lose their power so quickly with just moderate use. Certain everyone has had their cell phone die at the worst… Read more >


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