Arkansas Society of Association Executives recommends ChargeAll

  • 1 min read
Aww, the Arkansas Society of Association executives is giving ChargeAll some Valentine's love in their latest February Monthly Newsletter:

Cell Phone Charging Station in Your Association Office or Hotel Meeting Space

"Last week while at the Arkansas Society of CPA’s office, I saw the handiest thing, a cell phone charging station. You can charge up to about a dozen cell phones at one time, all types of phones.

Plus, if your member’s cell phone is on the charger, they WON’T be checking their e-mail during your continued education program!

Hotels could offer that service for a small fee with their meeting rooms.

In your association office or at the hotel, you may need to have someone oversee the phones to keep them secure, perhaps issue claim checks to retrieve your phone.


The one I saw at the Arkansas Society of CPA’s is listed below for $ 74.95:        Universal Cell Phone Charging Station & Kiosk for all Mobile ..."