Have no fear, ChargeTech’s anti-theft hardware is here. ChargeTech offers multiple solutions to solve this problem. Be sure to check out the anti-theft solutions add-on offered on each product page. Additionally, we recommend placing enough charging stations in areas where guests and customers can comfortably sit or stand next to their device while it charges. This prevents theft and privacy issues. As for the customer, they never have to worry about their phone being stolen because it never leaves their side.

Business Sales Inquiries

ChargeTech is continuously looking for solutions to help businesses and their patrons provide better service. We even work with furniture designers and engineers for custom charging station integrations. Please get in contact with one of our sales representatives to learn about what products might work best for your custom project.

Depending on your needs and clientele, you may be interested in our Floor Stand Charging Station – S9 or Wall Mount Charging Station – WM9 will do the job. More often than not, a simple non-kiosk charging station is the perfect solution!

The advantages of a non-kiosk charging station are: less maintenance, easy access, and better overall customer experience. While on the other hand, a secure locking charging solution may have less favorable advantages. First, the price per unit is much higher thus this may interfere with your ability to place multiple charging stations in your venue if you have budget constraints. Second, most people will keep their phone locked in the kiosk until it charges to 100% (especially if they paid money to charge) meaning other people are not able to charge their phone when they need to most. Third, there may be logistical issues with people forgetting their passwords, leaving their phone behind, or receiving the wrong phone. This means more maintenance is required to manage each charging station. These issues can be mitigated when the individual is personally responsible for keeping an eye on their phone.

We recommend reviewing your options carefully before making a purchase. And should you need any assistance in choosing the right solution for your home or business, please feel free to reach out to info@chargetech.com.


Unfortunately, we do not offer charging stations pre-customized with your cable variation because all stations come pre-packaged with a set number and types of cables already. However, you can purchase additional charging cables and easily switch out the cables at any time. For replacement or additional cables, please visit here.

Most of our charging stations feature replaceable tips and cables. It’s common that these charging tips break, especially when used in a public environment.

New cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices are released all the time, and of course, that means that the charging tips are going to change. ChargeTech stays ahead of the curve and constantly revises our best selling chargers to include the latest tips for the most popular makes and models of devices.

However, should you ever need to purchase additional replacement tips/cables, check out our Charging Stations Replacement Cables page. 

Yes, all of our charging station models offer the ability for you to change and swap cables at any time. You may purchase replacement or additional cables for these units, here.

We typically do not provide repairs or replacements on overused charging tips and direct customers to purchase extra tips here

If your unit is being utilized in a public place with high traffic, we recommend purchasing additional Charging Station Replacement Cables to have on hand.

Please note that our One (1) Year Limited Warranty on products only covers the charging station with manufacture defects.  Concerns of manufacture defect must be reported within one (1) year of order shipment.  You can read more about our warranty policy here.

Due to the nature in which the phone tip cables originate from one single cable that connects to the 4 Port Wall Adapter, the individual phone tip cables cannot be replaced one by one.  If you require additional Apple Lightning MFi Adapters or Apple 30 Pin MFi Adapters, you can purchase additional parts here.

Replacement cables are not covered under warranty. We recommend that you purchase replacement cables for your charging stations, especially if you place them in a high-traffic area.

From time-to-time we may offer promotional giveaways of our charging station replacement cables, however, generally these cables are not provided free of charge.

To purchase additional charging cables, you may do so here.

Yes, all of our charging lockers offer the ability for you to change and swap cables at any time.  You may purchase replacement or additional cables for these units, here.

Desktop Charging Stations

Most of our desktop charging stations come with an international power adapter thus making them compatible with power outputs between 110-240v.  Additionally, we carry power plugs for most major countries.  Check out our offered selection of International Power Plugs here(https://chargetech.com/product/international-power-plug/).

General Product Inquiries

The Wall Mount Charging Station and Power Floor Stand Charging Station models include a variety of cables and tips that can be versatilely used with a number of devices, including iPhones, Android Phones, iPads, and other devices compatible with the 8 charging tips included in the unit. The 8 Charging Cables Included are:

4x micro USB (Non Apple Devices)

3x Apple Lightning (iPhone 5 & Newer)

1x Apple 30 Pin (iPhone 4 & Older)

Portable Battery Docks

Yes, we sell replacement battery packs separately here  Keep additional units in stock in case you ever need them.  We also offer replacement cables for the Portable Battery Dock Charging Stations as well, find them here.

The Portable Battery Dock Charging Station is a great solution to provide as a free amenity or as an added paid service.  You can easily rent out each battery pack one-by-one for exchange an ID or a small fee.  When the battery juice runs out, your customers can come back for a recharge at any time.

Power Strip Charging Station

Since the Power Strip Charging Station comes equipped with 2 Built-in USB Ports on the front of the unit, we do not offer additional retractable Standard USB Port cables for this unit. However, if you would like to purchase additional retractable Micro USB or Apple MFi Lightning Adapters, you may do so here.

No, our designed of the cables on the CS8 have been upgraded. Therefore, you must purchase the cables accordingly.

Power Strip Charging Station (CS8) cables for CS8 (2017 and newer purchases)

Power Strip Charging Station (CS6) cables for CS6

Portable Power Outlets

The 54k battery pack is classified UN 3841.

Yes, you can take your Portable Power Outlet with you on your flight.

Yes, the Laptop Battery Pack works with both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

You can make ChargeTech's charging stations portable by using the Portable Power Outlet.

You can estimate how long the Portable Power Outlet can power your device by using the ChargeTech app.

The watt hours of the PLUG Pro are: ~199.0
The watt hours of the PLUG Travel are: ~147.0

The voltage of the 27,000mAh Portable Power Outlet (PPO) is 3.6V. The watt hours of the 27,000mAh Portable Power Outlet (PPO) is 97.2wh. (27,000mAh x 3.6v/1000 = 97.2wh) The maximum watt power draw of the 27,000mAh Portable Power Outlet (PPO) is a recommended 85W. Most laptops *UP TO 95W*. A maximum draw of 85W is recommended. Please check if your device(s) being charged fit within these requirements to ensure compatibility.

Our Portable Power Outlet is FAA compliant! You can certainly take it with you in your carry-on and in your check-in bag/luggage. The TSA / FAA requirement is that portable battery packs are under 100 watt hours and our Portable Power Outlet is 97.2 watt hours. (27,000mAh x 3.6V/1000 = 97.2wh) Here is more information directly from FAA.

Replacement Parts

If your order is within the one (1) year warranty period you will be eligible to submit a warranty claim to get a new AC adapter replacement.  

Click here to submit a warranty claim.

If your order is out of the one (1) year warranty period, you will need to purchase a new AC adapter/power supply here.

Wall Mount & Floor Stands

The stand itself is about 38 inches in height (measuring from the base of the Wall Mount to the floor) and the floor base is about 18 inches in diameter.

The power cord length of the Wall Mounted Table Top Charging Station or Power Floor Stand Charging Station is expandable to 6 (six) feet.


As orders are processed within 1-3 business days, we are unable to guarantee the change of your shipment method. If you would like to expedite your shipment, please use the LiveChat option immediately after placing your order. Please make sure to include your order number in all correspondence. Please note that we offer overnight shipping for all orders shipped within Continental U.S. Orders placed before 11AM PST on a business day (M-F excluding holidays) as long as the product is not backordered, preordered, or purchased with Custom Branding.

Unfortunately, once an order has shipped we are unable to re-route or change the shipping address on your order.  We advise you wait for your shipment to arrive at the originally requested destination and then request re-delivery from there.

All international orders placed on www.chargetech.com (or any of our crowdfunding affiliate sites) are subject to possible customs and duties fees levied by their local authority.  ChargeTech does not include, nor do we cover customs and duties fees in our product pricing or invoices.  If you have concerns regarding your customs and duties fees, we recommend contacting your local postal/government authority.  

Unfortunately, to cover domestic and international shipping rates, we generally do not offer discounts on shipping.  If you are expecting to place a bulk order of 10 units or more for any of our charging stations or lockers, we’d be happy to provide a special rate on your overall order.  Please email sales@chargetech.comto inquire about bulk pricing.

Our web store currently supports shipments to the US only. If you would like an international shipment, you will need to work with a freight forwarder.

If you are attempting to ship to Puerto Rico but you are getting error messages, please follow the steps below to correct the error:

1.) Complete all fields under “Billing Details”
2.) Under “Billing Details”, set the “Country” field to Puerto Rico.
3.) Check the box that says “Ship to a different address?”
4.) Complete all fields exactly the same as “Billing Details”
5.) Under “Ship to a different address?”, set the “Country” field to United States.
6.) Under “Ship to a different address?”, set the “State” field to Puerto Rico.

Our goal is to get your order into your hands as soon as possible, but shipment arrival time will ultimately depending on each mail service.

Economy Continental US Shipping: Shipments will arrive between 7-10 business days after being processed if product is not backordered, pre-ordered, or purchased with Custom Branding.

Express Continental US Shipping: Orders placed before 12:00 PM PST on a business day will ship overnight and arrive next day if product is not backordered, pre-ordered, or purchased with Custom Branding. Orders placed after 12:00 PM PST will ship the next business day and arrive on the next business day after. 

International Economy Shipping: Depending on the destination, Shipments will arrive between 15-25 business days after being processed if product is not backordered, pre-ordered, or purchased with Custom Branding.  This does not include customs hold time.

International Express Shipping: Depending on the destination, shipments will arrive between 10-15 business days after being processed if product is not backordered, pre-ordered, or purchased with Custom Branding.  This does not include customs hold time.

Most orders are processed within 1-3 business days unless an item is on backorder, pre-order, purchased with custom artwork or with rushed shipping.  Shipment notifications get emailed to the email provided at checkout once your order is ready to be shipped.  If you do not receive shipping tracking notifications within 10 business days of placing your order, feel free to email us at customerservice@chargetech.com along with your order number, so we can further assist. 

Typically, if you have received an email notification that your order has shipped, this means that your order is in queue for pickup and shipment.  It may show a hyper link to the tracking number. If you cannot click on the link, please copy and paster the tracking number into any search engine and obtain the shipper and tracking details. 

We recommend you wait the allotted period and check your status again at that later time. Please allow 3 business days for your tracking information to update before contacting ChargeTech Customer Support. 

Typically, if you have received an email notification that your order has shipped, this means that your order is ready for pickup and shipment. It may take certain carriers 4-6 hours (UPS) or 24-48 hours (USPS) to scan and update the tracking status. We recommend you wait the allotted period and check your status again at that later time.

Should your tracking status still not update, you should have received the following message regarding your order:

Thank you for your order from ChargeTech! Our warehouse has notified us that we have recently sold out of one or more of the products you ordered. It can take an additional 2-6 weeks for new stock to arrive at our warehouse.

Be assured that we will process your delivery as soon as stock becomes available. Your order is in "ready to ship" status, so your tracking number will update as soon as it ships.

If you wish to make changes or cancel your order, please advise. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Once you hit submit, our ultra-efficient system takes over so we can get your order to you as soon as possible. This means we can't change anything on the order after it has been accepted. If it is within 4 hours of placing your order, sometimes we are able to amend addresses, but it is your responsibility at the checkout to make sure all details are correct, especially the shipping address. Your phone's life may rely on it!

Please continue to check your tracking information and reach out to the shipping carrier directly for more up to date status.

Occasionally, carriers may experience unexpected delays due to weather, natural disasters, mechanical issues or other local issues or concerns.  We recommend checking the local forecast or your local postal authority for more information.  

ChargeTech is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 

If your order is being re-routed back to us due to our error, we’d be happy to reship your order to you at no additional cost. We will need the order to return to our warehouse/shipping facility first, before we proceed to reship the order back to you. 

If your order is being returned to sender, not at our fault, we'd be happy to reship, but you will need to pay additional shipping costs. We will need the order to return to our warehouse/shipping facility first, before we proceed to reship the order back to you.

Please contact customerservice@chargetech.com with your order number for assistance on re-routing your order.

We ship with the most reliable carriers and put trust in them to properly deliver your order.  We advise checking with any possible receiving parties at your destination first.  Should you not be able to locate your package in 5-10 business days, we recommend contacting your local postal service to confirm delivery.  

ChargeTech is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 

We use USPS and UPS for local and international shipments.

Your shipment status will update as soon as your package is scanned in by the carrier.  Please continue to be patient while your package is being picked up and delivered. Ground shipping within Continental U.S. will typically take 7-10 days, depending on the destination. International shipments can take approximately 14-20 business days, depending on the destination and customs hold time.

If your tracking information does not show an update within 72 hours of tracking delivery, please contact the postal carrier to get more information regarding the status of your package.