Discovery Channel features ChargeAll

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We're proud to announce that Chargeall has been featured by the Discovery Channel as of  August this year! Not bad considering this is the same world-famous station that brought you Shark Week.

discovery shark week

For those who haven't watched their famous documentaries, the Discovery Channel is an American television station that focuses interesting science related stories.

discovery deadly catch

We're proud to have our wireless cell phone charging kiosk featured because we want people to know the innovation behind our popular wireless phone charging stations. The next time you see one of our signs, it means your battery problems are over!

chargeall logo station

Why ChargeAll?

It may seem strange that a station known for science is promoting a charging kiosk, but the technology behind its features is second to none and the reason why people around the internet have been buzzing about our product.

person in front of chargeall station

Our feature on Discovery' Channel's website is because we have provided a solution to one of the major issues of people through our innovative product, the world's most advanced charging kiosk.

Many people have problems finding public chargers so the ChargeAll mobile charging station can help them in an effective manner. The simplicity of our product has impressed our customers and we are sure that our kiosks will be seen at more locations as we begin to set the trend of public charging.


The ChargeAll’s wireless cell phone charging kiosk uses an effective charging process and a charging pad to provide wireless charging to compatible phones.

This means you have the freedom to roam around, free of emails, texts or tweets while your phone rests secured in our bay, protected by a password you choose. Size doesn't matter to us; you can even charge your iPad in addition to your smartphone. Another to charge without being tied to a location is by using our portable chargers.

discovery port charger


According to Discovery, our wireless cell phone charging kiosk has provided a great solution to a common problem: low battery  for anyone with an iPhone or Android who's losing battery right when they need it.

They even mention a way for business owners to enhance their brand with our kiosk:
They can also be set up as an advertising platform — instead of being charged a fee, the user could watch an ad instead.

These unique features are why we believe our wireless cell phone charging kiosk will set the standard for charging kiosks in the future.

discovery future charging

Thanks to the Discovery Channel and if you wish to purchase a kiosk for your business, send us an email at

You'll be setting a trend sure to continue in the future.