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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Feb. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ChargeAll, the industry leader in phone charging solutions, today announced it has rebranded as ChargeTech to emphasize its new 2015 line of smarter, faster phone charging products.

Since its founding in 2011, the California based company has been creating solutions to the low battery problem with charging products for phones, tablets and laptops. Whether for the home or office, car or travel bag, ChargeTech offers everything from phone charging stations and fast wall chargers, to portable battery packs and charging cases. ChargeTech has become the brand of choice by thousands of people worldwide. It's also trusted by many of the largest business organizations including the Hilton, Toyota, McDonald's and Harvard University.

For businesses, ChargeTech creates public phone charging stations that allow guests to freely charge their mobile devices. Locations that can benefit the most include public spaces, events, concerts, trade shows, business meetings, restaurants and coffee shops. The units can also be customized with a company name and logo; making it the perfect advertising platform. It offers an opportunity for guests to engage with your business

"Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi right? It's the same idea," says CEO/Founder Jeffrey Maganis. "Soon, phone charging stations will be everywhere. We're empowering businesses to allow their guests to comfortably relax, and charge their phone. The longer a customer stays, the more they spend."

ChargeTech's mission is to allow users to enjoy their mobile devices without ever having to worry about battery life. In 2014, the company launched one of the highest crowdfunded battery packs of all time on IndieGoGo.

At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ChargeTech showcased their newest products geared toward the consumer:

    • Fast Phone Wall Charger - Charge your phone twice as fast. It works with iPhones, iPads and Androids, and can even charge two devices at once.

    • Ultra Compact Dual USB Car Charger - So small, it virtually disappears in your car's cigarette lighter adapter. It intelligently recognizes the connected device for fastest possible charging

    • World's Smallest Portable Power Outlet - Take the wall outlet on the go with one of the first battery packs to feature an AC wall outlet. Power anything, anywhere.

"The ChargeTech dual USB wall and car chargers will empower people to spend less time charging their devices, and more time using them," says Nathan Norman, Director of Design at ChargeTech. "The Portable Power Outlet allows for the first truly portable computing experience; allowing you to charge your laptop anytime, anywhere."

ChargeTech will continue to develop power solutions that are smaller, lighter and faster than the competition. In 2015, the company is relentlessly focused on allowing users to power anything, anywhere, anytime.

ChargeTech, is a California-based manufacturer of phone, tablet and laptop charging products for both the home and business. For more information on ChargeTech please visit their website


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The ChargeAll team exhibited our latest 2015 product line at the International CES gadget show. With over 170,000 industry professionals in attendance to explore over 2 million square feet of trade show space, ChargeTech by ChargeAll stood out among the crowds. With an emphasis on faster, smaller and better phone charging, ChargeAll debuted the world's smallest phone charger with two fast charging USB ports. It's almost twice as fast as the standard Apple iPhone charger and only half the size of the standard Apple iPad charger. ChargeTech is extremely small and fits in the palm of your hand. People were asking for a phone charging solution that can charge both their iPad and iPhone at the same time but didn't have the bulk of a larger charger. In 2015, ChargeAll is to be rebranded as ChargeTech. Our company will continue to develop new mobile device power solutions that are smaller, lighter and faster than the competition. ChargeTech is now available through our IndieGoGo campaign and is expected to begin shipping in 2015.