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Fast Charge TechnologySpend less time charging your devices and more time using them with UL-certified full-speed charging technology.

To Your Needs
From branded signage to cable selection, we provide a charging solution completely customized for your business.

Global Safety Certifications Global Safety CertificationsAll of our units are safety certified to work in any environment from hotels and office buildings to hospitals and schools.

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Reliable Full-Speed Charging Solutions Where You Need Them Most

Education & Healthcare
Education & Healthcare Solutions

Desktop charging stations provide convenient power for multiple devices whether you're at home or at the office.

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Retail Locations
Retail Location Solutions

Charging station kiosks allow your guests to charge their devices in your lobby, waiting room, or other shared space.

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Portable Power
Portable Power Solutions

Portable travel chargers provide all-day power to your devices without being tethered to a wall outlet or USB hub.

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Over 50,000 Locations Worldwide Rely On ChargeTech Power Stations

"We did our research before committing to ChargeTech. Their units are just what our guests and employees need.

They helped us with custom wall mounted phone charging stations and used the McDonald's company name, logo and even 'I'm Lovin It' slogan right on the pad."- Marc B., McDonald's

"Our customers are grateful for the service we provide with ChargeTech. We couldn't be more satisfied with our purchase and think it's an overall great idea. The phone charging station was compatible with all types of phones, Apple iPhones/ Androids/ Blackberrys/ Samsungs, and is very user friendly" - Beth M., Costco

"You just can't buy a custom phone charging station like ChargeTech anywhere. We're always looking for new, innovative amenities that can make the Whole Foods shopping experience better, this was one of them.

We also appreciate that we were able to customize the unit with the Whole Foods logo. It's a cool feature that our shoppers love" - Dusty E , Whole Foods

"Our brand is known for 5 star service. I couldn't tell you how many times a guest complains about their dead cell phone and needs a charger as soon as possible

These phone charging stations are an inexpensive way to increase guest satisfaction. We're very satisfied with the quality and ease of use with the product." - Steve T., Ritz-Carlton