The iOS7 Phone Charger

  • 1 min read
Apple iPhones, probably the most widely used and distributed cellular devices in this day and time, seems like it’s on top of the world and nearly invincible. But is it? A recent test done by Georgia Tech revealed the popular phone’s flaw. Researchers used a tiny Linux computer, disguised as a USB charger, which could penetrate through any iPhone or iPad's walls and then install malicious software in less than a minute. The dirty software could then do things like take screenshots of the iPhone whenever passwords are being entered, or dialing numbers without the user being aware of it doing so. This is due to the iPhone usually extending a warm welcome to any USB device that it is plugged into; essentially, the iPhone is just a child who needs to learn not to accept candy from strangers. Thankfully for technicians working on the new iOS7 software, Apple has added a new prompt that warns users about unfamiliar devices, and even asks them for permission before continuing use or not. The button choices displayed on the screen ask you if you “trust” the charger (USB chord) or not. So until the iOS7 actually rolls out, it’s up to all of you iPhone users to be smart about what type of chargers you all use (hint: try to stick with the traditional ones that come from the box where your phone came from for now until you can wait for the new iOS7 police dogs to come sniffing out for bad chargers).