Properly Charging your Cell Phone Battery

  • 2 min read
A cell phone battery charger is one of the most looked after product in  our everyday lives. What the charger does is recharge the lithium ion batteries within your device. We love these batteries because of its dynamic features and a circuit that acts as a kind of fuel indicator, you know when the phone needs to be recharged. This circuit uses the voltage in the battery to calculate the charging status, which is basically how much power you have left on the battery. In time the circuit may degrade and will require resetting to avoid any inaccuracy when estimating the state of charge, or power remaining. In time the cell phone may even power off completely, despite the indicator reading informing us that there was power still left on the battery.


One solution to this problem is to use the lithium ion battery inside your cell phone until the power has been completely drained. Don't worry as this will not harm the battery in any way as it does have a built-in safety circuit. Then take the lithium ion battery out of your cell phone and put it on a cell phone battery charger, which is specifically designed for the lithium ion battery. Then with the cell phone battery charger switched off, connect the cell phone battery charger to the battery as per the factory instructions.


Then plug in your charger and allow the charging process to take place. It some cases this can be as long as four hours, but can be completed in as little as just two, much depends on the remaining battery power. Once the cell phone battery charger has reached its peak it will sense a drop in voltage on the battery and halt the charging process. Our portable phone charging station features integrated circuitry to automatically shut off when the battery is charged.



At this point you should switch off the cell phone battery charger and place your battery back into your cell phone. The circuit in the battery will now have been reset and it will give off a correct reading indicating its true power levels. It is a good idea to use some of the power on your cell phone straight away as it is not good practice to leave the lithium ion in a state of 100% fully charged up for too long.


This process should be repeated about once every month to ensure the circuit is correctly reading back the state of charge indication. If all else fails, you can try ChargeAll's external phone battery pack to solve your low battery woes.