With Chargetech, your students and faculty are always at 100%. Our innovative charging solutions are designed to keep students and faculty powered up with:

  • Uninterrupted Learning: Provide charging stations in classrooms, libraries, and common areas, ensuring students and faculty can access and share educational content without their devices running out of battery.

  • Meet the Tech Needs: According to a McGraw Hill survey, 81% of students feel digital technologies improve their grades and efficiency. Equip your library with access to their technology to excel. 

  • Customized Solutions:Show off the school pride with branded charging solutions of your school logo, name or mascot.

Stay Charged with Chargetech

Desktop Charging

Our desktop charging stations are stations are designed to charge devices efficiently, and their compact size and retractable cables make them space-saving and functional.

Charging Lockers

Our charging lockers provide a secure and user-friendly charging solutions for student and faculty cell phones.

Charting Carts

Charging Carts charge and secure large quantities of laptops, Chromebook, and tablets. Featuring UV-C disinfection, these add the additional benefit of enhancing the safe use of shared devices.

Portable Power

Chargetech's fast and reliable portable chargers are useful for students and teachers who are on the go or need to study in a location without access to a nearby outlet.

Custom Branding:

Chargetech offers custom branding options that allow you to create a display that represents your school's identity. You can personalize every element, from colors, mascots, and overall design making it unique to your school.

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