NIVEA's (Dope) New Ad

  • 2 min read

This might be one of the coolest advertisements I have EVER seen. Not only did NIVEA's marketing department excel at capturing the audience's initial attention with young and attractive individuals on the beautiful Brazilian beach, it went on to capture even more attention and totally "wow" the viewers with its advertisement product. In the back of a magazine, the skincare product line attached a mini-solar panel that, while receiving the rays of the sun when connected with a USB cable to your phone, acts as a phone charger! This advertisement attempts to draw people to the beach by offering a product that will charge your phone while enjoying the weather, while also taking the opportunity to market their skincare products to protect your skin under the blazing sun. This advertisement is a total win-win situation for everyone involved. It makes you want to go to the beach because they make it look so fun (and without fear of your phone dying), which would then require you to use some sort of skin protection lotion (and hm- I wonder which brand you would chose after seeing this ad...). Solar panel products are becoming less expensive, and while the printing, distributing, and advertisement of these pages probably cost a couple of bucks, think of how much revenue NIVEA is going to bring in using this smart technological tactic. Kudos to whoever thought of this advertisement because it's probably one of the coolest and innovative things I've seen in a while. I'd pay good money to get my hands on one of these. Heck, maybe I'll even buy a bottle of sunscreen just because 'cause too.