Revealing the best ways to take care of your Smartphone

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Cell phones are an everyday essential and an important way to stay connected to family and friends daily. Carrying aroung this pocket sized computer also holds all of your personal memories and information. They’re investments both financially and personally so it’s important to take care of them to make sure our phones last a very, very long time and stay in perfect condition.


Train your battery memory


Just like us humans, phones have nicle-based batteries that contain lithium-ion battery, which requires some special care. To maximize your lithium-ion battery, try keeping your battery around 50 (ish) percent as much as possible. Going all the way to the full 100 percent is great and all, but it will hurt your phone in the long run. Although, once a month it is okay to do at least one full charge for standardization, but like I said, once a month. If you continue to keep extending your battery length, (I promise it won’t explode) it will just shorten your smart phones functionality, which no one wants.

On the other hand, its also not good to have the phone plugged to a charger every 20 minutes. The best way to charge your phone is to keep an eye out on your battery percentage. Once you see it’s almost at a full battery life, don’t let it reach its max, and unplug it before it overheats. If you train your iPhone enough times and continue with this routine, you will notice the dramatic change within your phone’s functionality.

So don’t forget, keep your battery around 40 to 80 percent and you can charge accordingly.


Cool temperatures



With summer weather coming in, it is crucial to keep your phone in a temperate zone. The worst enemy for lithium-ion batteries- heat. According to Apple, your iPhone works best from 32 degrees to 95 degrees. Keeping your phone as close to room temperature is idyllic, and if your keeping all your gadgets right next to each other, separate them. Separating your smartphone, iPad, and laptop allows your devices to breathe instead of creating more heat.


But! If your phone is overheating, don't try and quicken the process by putting it next to the frozen peas. This could create moisture  in your phone, creating worse damage. Taking these precautions will save you on a sizzling hot day.


Never reach zero

Smartphone batteries will degrade in time, eventually, but there are some ways that can help slow that process down.  Simple solution- leave some battery free in your phone.

When your smartphones reach zero percent, aka- the lowest of lows, it can cause damage internally with the phone. According to Gizmodo, smartphone batteries should never go below 40 percent and above 80 percent. He also said it should always be unplugged before it reaches 100 percent because a battery overcharge can wear your battery out.

Always remember, be reasonable and smart with how long you’re charging your phone. Don't overkill your  battery every day or leave it sitting in hot temperatures.

ChargeAll is always on the look out for more smartphone tips. If you have a another tip, comment below! We would love to hear some of the ways that work well for you.