How can I save you, Google glass?

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Hi, friends! Wearable tech has emerged as one of the hottest topics of 2014 and Google Glass is in the lead. Google Glass is a small, wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. You could communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands. With this glass, you could increase the pleasure of your life in several different ways. Want to be more active during your sportive moments? Or explore your world more courageously? Already sick of missing those beautiful moments and want a lighter life? Well, you do not want to miss Google glass. If you are interested in purchasing this revolutionary product, Google Glass is now available for $1,500.


 SOS, Google glass

Google glass is an innovative product with potential, but similar to smartphones, have a unavoidable weakness---horrible battery life. The battery is said to last about 5 hours. However, don’t blame Google. Because technology is excelling in such a fast pace, lithium-ion batteries can not support the new tech.

Changes in technology are taking place everywhere in the world, except in the Li-ion battery industry. The technology that powers all mobile devices stands still. These batteries may have been revolutionary 20 years ago, but we need an upgrade. Based on a report written by Eric Savitz, Li-on battery technology has fallen short in two areas: energy density and thermal sensitivity. Since the first Li-ion battery’s emergence in the market 20 years ago, the transistor count in the devices they power has increased a thousand fold, in response to consumer demand for more features and higher performance. Li-ion batteries have eked out a mere 3X increase in their volumetric energy density in that same period, and it is harder and harder to squeeze more energy into them.


 How can I save you, Google glass?

Though we don’t have a good way to deal with the Li-ion battery technology limit right now, we could still enjoy the pleasure of Google glass without worrying about its horrible battery life. Here’s some useful tips for you.


1. Bring a portable charger with you.

When your Glass is desperate for the battery, you'll see an empty battery icon on the display. You could plug the micro USB cord included with your Glass into a portable charger to recharge the battery. The Glass would only take about an hour to recharge. A portable charger would only take up a little space in your bag and you don’t need to worry about the dead battery anymore. You could find a portable charger in an online store or at manufacturers’ websites very easily. For example, you could choose a 3-in-1 Portable Keychain Power Bank made by ChargeAll. This device is a battery pack and USB flash drive with a built in charge cable. It's extremely compact and features a soft rubber finish. With its help, you don’t need to worry for an additional 6 hours of Glass use and even more, you could store up to 1,750 songs on the built in USB flash drive. A portable charger would let you continue to enjoy your Glass’ pleasure and you could have enough time to find a place to recharge your charger.


2.Find a public place with phone charging stations.


Nowadays, many public places, like clothing stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, grocery stores, or even the concert halls have begun to use the Phone Charging Kiosks. If you are not familiar with this device yet or you don’t know where you could find a place with phone charging stations, don’t worry. Here’s an example:

The #1 Universal Phone Charging Station---ChargeAll, has a wonderful wireless Phone Charging Kiosk – CK5. You could download a mobile app in the Apple store, Windows phone store, or Blackberry app world and it will be easy to find all the public places with ChargeAll phone charging stations all over the world. Now you just need to go to that place and recharge your Glass. The Kiosk has secure locking doors, a robust advertising system, touch screen customer data capture display, full remote control, and 365/24/7 customer service. So you don’t need to worry about your Glass’ security or the speed of charging anymore. Feel free to leave when you’re at the airport or shopping mall while you shop around or relax somewhere else.

Though many Google glass users are worrying about its horrible battery life, you could simply solve this problem with the help of a multi charging device. Try Google glass today and start your brighter life.