Create happiness for your customers with the help of a multi charging station

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 1. How could your passengers still get connected to the world in your taxi


The taxi business in the city provides people away for convenient and time-saving transportation. When people are in a hurry, for example, when people would like to go to airports on time or be in a rush to go to their workplaces, they would prefer to call a taxi. Even when people enjoy their relaxing time and go to the shopping center or are tired and would like to go back homes, many people would use the taxi service.

When passengers are in the taxi, the world they could connect with is limited in such a narrow space. What could people do at that time? Have you ever seen people on the subway checking their next appointment, checking Yelp for the best nearby coffee shop and Instagramming their latest photo masterpiece or texting friends on the phone? This happens similarly when people are in a taxi. However, this happy moment could also be turned into a total 180-degree turnaround at the time they need their phone the most and the phone battery is dead and there’s no way for them to charge their phones in such a limited space. When this happens, being in such a limited space without connecting with the world would be very tough for those anxious and bored passengers. Though ensuring that the passengers would have their phone with juice is not the responsibility for the taxi companies, still, as a taxi company, you do want your passengers to be happy and would like them to stay in your taxi each time as long as possible, and would like them to give your company’s service a priority when they need a cab.

Some smarter taxi companies have already noticed this problem and are planning to add multi charging devices to their taxis. Why would customers choose to use your taxi service instead of your competitors’? Whose service is much better? Yours? Or your competitors’? This is the reason why we want our service to be better as we know clearly about how many strong competitors we have in such a low entry barrier industry.

If our competitors are increasing the happiness for the customers for free, could you still sit still and do nothing? Well, don’t worry. The good thing is, adding a multi charging device to your taxi is not a difficult technical work and it is of low cost. For example, you could equip your taxi with a multi charging station located on the backside of the passenger seat headrest and it will work with any phone or tablet. Also, you could add a note on the window as a friendly reminder for the customers to grab their phones before they go. When your competitors provide the charging service for free, you could also do that. The cost is very low. Based on a report written by Barry Fischer, the charging fee for an iPhone 5 would only be $0.41/year, and a Galaxy S III would only be $0.53/year. With a shocking disregard for such a low cost, you could simply just enjoy the benefits from a multi charging device. Especially when you choose a multi charging Station – CS10 provided by ChargeAll, you could even use waterproof-ink advertisements on it. When you add that product inside your taxi, you actually begin your advertisement business inside your taxi as well. The advertising income would sooner or later make up the expense you spent on the multi charging device and will give you a chance to gain profit from it continuously. Your customers would be happy, and as a result, you could be much happier because of your smartness.

2. Keep the theme parks the happiest place on earth

Theme parks are selling happiness, a great experience for people. If they couldn’t be interesting enough, nobody would like to go there when they find that other theme parks are more attractive, because they couldn’t have an unforgettable time even they pay a lot for the tickets here. That is why the Disney world would like to keep themselves as the happiest place on earth. When you run a theme park business and sell happiness to people, you definitely would like to keep your place interesting and fun enough just like the Disney world would. And the reason why Disney world has been so successful is that they have made a lot of effort in this respect.

One example could explain this very clearly. The Magic Kingdom, the first part of Walt Disney's planned Florida Project has announced that they are going to test mobile phone charging lockers for guest use this week. A phone charging station is not a new thing for them. But in order to keep the guests’ devices safe and secure and also give the guests a chance to have fun without sitting by with their phones and wait when they charge, Magic Kingdom is planning to add many new phone charging lockers in it. Guests could swipe a credit card to use the charger for free. This kind of product is a high-tech product, if you are not so familiar with it, you could see a product demo video for Wireless Phone Charging Kiosk – CK5 on ChargeAll’s website. You could learn exactly how this kind of product works and what kind of technology does it use and of course, you would know clearly about where you should put it if you use it in your theme park.

It is interesting to see our world being affected by more and more high and new technology every day. With the help of technologies, we could make our lives happier, and if we know how our customers could be satisfied because of the efforts that we made with the help of the technology, would you still worry about customer satisfaction or the competition from your competitors every day?