Honey my cell phone died!

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No matter the venue, the demographic or event, There can always be found the individual who is desperate to restore battery power to their mobile device now deceased. A condition clinically referred to as Nomophobia. Contemporary surveys claim that many of us will resort to shear panic when the red bar of low battery power appears on their device screen.

Makes you wonder how many have filed for divorce under the grounds of weak battery capacity. Or just used that excuse on too many times.

Now this very common and shared experience, has inspired companies such as American Airlines, the Marriott Hotels, Neiman Marcus, and countless Sports Teams to add Cell Phone Charging Stations and kiosks to their customer experience. Today even many of the Hospitals and Schools are quickly following suit.


Why would so many industries and establishments be clamoring to get these mobile device stations installed throughout their organization?
Is it because reliable fast-charging has become the greatest thing since slice bread?. Is Nomophobia a global pandemic being extremely contagious?

The main reason is their primary asset and why a great return on investment. ChargeTech Charging Stations and kiosks when properly branded, are a tangible and adaptable connections between the On-Line and In-House experience. Whether your company's intent is to:

-Create a lead magnet
-Generate positive Online reviews
-A tool for community outreach
-A instrument that informs of strategic partnerships or sponsorship

The choice is yours at:



We have a wide selection of charging lockers for a secure charging solution or go with a free-standing charging station to allow easy charging access for customers and staff.

ChargeTech charging solutions are built versatile enough and durable enough to service all crowds. Consult with a ChargeTech representative to find the right solution for your business. Contact us at sales@chargetech.com or call (888) 250-8756 today!