Why Your Company Needs Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks.

Why Your Company Needs Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks.

More and more industries are becoming wise to the virtually untapped and diverse potential of cell phone charging station and kiosks. What is it that they are taking full advantage of?

The top 5 reasons are as follows:

1. Increase customer satisfaction.
A dead cell phone is not only be as frustrating but at the wrong moment can be a complete disaster. Providing an instant solution is what will lead many customers to share, blog or rave about their experiences while in your care. When offering your customers a free service of benefit, is the ideal time to request that review online and drive up your SEO standings.

2. Engage and anchor the customers.
Given charging stations are still new to the general public, they frequently draw customers curiosity. Sometime only the word "Free" will demand a closer inspection.

A ChargeTech charging station will attract potential customers and anchor them exactly where you want them. Right in front of your friendly sales staff for 10 minutes or more.  More than enough time for any well thought out sales pitch.

3. A real link between the in-store and online shopping experience.
Current estimates place about 75% of shoppers today are using their mobile devices while in-store and conducting comparisons of your company and competitors.  The traditional in-store marketing is still critically important, but mobile technology is having such a great impact on the in-store experience and changing the shopper's path to that final purchase. Mobile devices are influencing many industries to rethink and integrate their in-store and online strategies into a all encompassing plan.

4. Show customers your company is hip and tech savvy.
Given the deployment of cell phone charging stations are still a relatively new amenity, what better way to show the customers that your company is cutting edge and always looking to improve their experience. What better way demonstrate how your company has it's finger on the pulse of what is new and of benefit.

5. A tangible tool to promote partnership and allegiances.
Imagine a company of 100 or more hungry employees in a lunch room. Now place a ChargeTech mobile device charging station, that is promoting a food establishment down the street.  Not only are they providing a mobile device charging station for their convenience, but more importantly an effective tool to promote their cuisine and perhaps offer discounts afforded only to them.

The potential would certainly influence the businesses in your community to either rent or outright purchase the charging station in order to benefit from your company's large and "In-The-Market" captive audience!

So whether it's a convention, meeting room, restaurant, or store front at www.ChargeTech.com we have the reliable full-speed charging solution where you need them the most.

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