Facts about ChargeAll Kiosk

We live in a world where everyone have smartphones. From a recent research, it has been identified that 87% of the Americans own mobile phones and over 45% of them are smartphones. Lack of battery life can be considered as one of the main issue faced by all the smartphone users. The large display, advanced applications and usage patterns have played an important role behind the above mentioned fact.


Jeffery Maganis, who is the founder of ChargeAll has provided an ideal solution to this issue.

What is ChargeAll?

"What happens when you’re out, and your cell phone dies? Where can you really go to charge your phone?"


Now you don’t need to worry about this, thanks to ChargeAll. ChargeAll is not a new company to the industry. They have maintained an excellent reputation by manufacturing the compact, inexpensive platform to charge mobile phones. Theses charging stations can be found in many coffee shops, restaurants, and hotel rooms in every corner of America.

What’s new?


The new 2013 wireless charging station of ChargeAll has become a popular topic in the present world because of its ability to charge kiosk cell phones. This new charging station meets all the requirements of business owners who are looking for a secure mobile phone charging platform that is equipped with robust advertising capabilities. The kiosk has five different secure locking doors, which can provide an effective charging platform for the customers. These locking doors are big enough to charge everything from iPhones to Kindles and iPads.

The technology behind ChargeAll Kiosk

The new mobile phone charging station uses Qi inductive wireless technology to charge the mobile devices. It has the potential to charge thousands of different devices in an effective way by following fast charging tips. You just need to place your mobile phone on the charging pad and leave the rest to the charging station. The digital touch screen has all the functions that you will need to complete the charging process.

Benefits that you can gain by having the new charging station

The ChargeAll’s wireless cell phone charging kiosk is an effective platform which uses a unique technology to charge mobile phones within a short period of time. People will definitely love its effectiveness and user friendliness. This charging station is extremely popular among business owners because of its robust advertising capabilities. You can upload a promotional video to the charging station and play it during ideal situations.



Business owners can also include custom questionnaires and surveys to this screen. From this method, they can collect important information from the potential customers and use it for the development of the business. You don’t need to stand by the kiosk at every time because it can be monitored remotely. ChargeAll also provides 24*7 customer support for the convenience of their clients.

The ChargeAll’s wireless cell phone charging kiosk is beneficial for both consumers and business owners. They have done an excellent job by manufacturing this unique and effective charging station to make the life easy for people.