4 Reasons Your Business Needs a ChargeTech

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Thousands of Locations around the World already love ChargeTech

1) Everyone needs one but nobody has one.

How many times have you heard your customers complain about the low battery on their phone? With the coming of iOS 7, battery draining is such a common problem, especially amongst power users who text, send pictures and use apps such as snapchat.

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With ChargeTech's battery charging stations and pads, you can provide the solution!


2) It makes you stand out from your competitors

Since very few stores have them, it only stands to reason that you will be more attractive to today's crowd from neighboring stores or businesses.

stand out competitor

The best way to spread awareness is word of mouth and your customers will probably end up telling their friends how your ChargeTech cell phone charging station saved them!


3) It shows you care for your customers' needs beyond selling them products or services

Creating a place your customers enjoy coming to is something every business strives for and by showing you understand their cell phone issues, you can come across as caring.

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Customers appreciate being thought of as more than just numbers and by using a charging station or a multi-tip charger we sell, you will show them you care.


4) You can advertise yourself without appearing obnoxious

Our WM9 charging station provides a frame that you can stick your own ads or label on to drive your brand into your customers' heads.

Sham-wow is sham-annoying.

It's important that customers come back beyond the first sale and by remembering your logo or ads with a charging station, they'll be more likely to come back.

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