Battery Doctor - Extending Battery Life Just Can't Go Much Easier

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Almost all the Android users are worried about the battery life of their phone. Battery Doctor is one of the best tools available in Play Store for such people. It provides a clean interface for you to check your battery life. From this app, you can determine how much battery is left on your device and how long you can use it along with your current habits of using the phone.

You can see all the running applications in your device through this app and if there is something that you don’t want, you can simply turn it off. This will give you the opportunity to get additional few hours from the battery. You can also estimate the battery life you will get when you open a specific application. This is a perfect tool available for those who are stuck at work with a little battery life or carry around a portable external battery charger.

The best thing about Battery doctor is that it acts like your personal battery advisor by providing several important tips. For example, it will let you know when to charge your battery in order to get the maximum life out of it. You can also get to know about hardware functions and apps that you can disable in order to extend your charge. This becomes useful when you connect your android device to the android phone charging station.

Battery Doctor can even charge your phone in an intelligent manner to maximize the life of your battery. It has the special three step battery charging phase, which gets activated when you connect your phone to the charger. This method is specifically designed in order to make your battery last for a long period of time in between charges. It handles all the battery charging cycles in an intelligent manner to keep you away from hassle. Therefore, any android user, who is looking to get the best out of their battery can purchase this without any hesitation.

Let's discuss battery charging techniques for a second. Draining a lithium ion polymer battery to the self-shutdown point (or worse...lower), is bad for the internal chemistry of the battery and over time will reduce its life expectancy. Charging to the maximum amount is also similarly stressful and will also reduce life expectancy.

Manufacturers try to balance the fine line between the wants and needs of the end users (whether it be long run time, low weight and size), with of course keeping in mind the cost-effectiveness and engineering limitations of the current battery technologies. So what they do is install slightly smaller batteries (to cut costs), and then set the charge and discharge thresholds wider to allow for longer runtimes on one charge. The result? Shorter life expectancy causing heavy wear and tear and also causing you to buy a new replacement battery.

One of the best phones with great battery life is the Motorola RAZR MAXX which has a larger battery in a bigger footprint but with less bulk (thickness). They set the charge and discharge thresholds narrower, so the runtime is comparable (and actually longer than competitors), but a the same time the battery lasts longer due to being less stressed at the top and bottom of the charge cycle. Just how important is battery life? Well Apple iPhone and Android users say that battery life is the number one complaint.