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ChargeAll Review - Christian B - Tulsa, OK 
Cell Phone Chargers: Why you need a ChargeAll We live in a world of electronics; where everything we do and touch has something plugged in or something to use with just about anything with a cord. One thing that nearly everyone owns now and uses regularly is the cell phone. These have become huge over the past decade and have evolved into much more than just a phone. For most of us they are small computers, serving as a connection to our work, any social networks we might be a part of, our family, the internet, and often are used for more extravagant purposes like exchange rates, time differences, video games, purchases, basically anything else you could ever want to accomplish. Cell phones, our mini computers, also have just as many variations and speed as our full blown computers do.


Cell phone carriers all have their own value based products, trying to get a bid for your money and they are highly competitive. Hardly any products have cords, accessories, or parts that can be readily switched over, because each carrier wants to make you buy their brand of bells and whistles. Apple makes products only compatible with regular iPhones, and other carriers make products that only work with Android. This makes having a charger very difficult, and often means if you switch phone carriers, or you have more than one phone type under one household, you will begin to collect many different cell phone chargers, each can look remarkably similar to another, confusing the issue and quickly. Throw in the fact that each charger can cost around $15 to $30 dollars, a frustrating price to pay for the technology of today.


Luckily, the ChargeAll is now available to address the issue, and claims to be a single charger that will work with all your devices. It does this by having one plug that can connect to many, many inputs. They all extend easily from the small black box on the end of the plug and are compatible with all the most popular electronics out there today, not only cellphones!  Whether you have a Kindle, PSP, Nintendo DS, Apple products, Android, Jabra, Blackberry, or many other highly popular electronics you can now keep them all charged from one plug and do it easily with the ChargeAll. Not only is it convenient for all your electronics to be in one place, it also stops the cords from getting tangled up in one another and adds an extra bit of efficiency and organization to any area you typically use to charge your electronics.


While our electronic devices keep facing more and more innovations, we still struggle with cords and chargers that work only for certain devices, individually. It can be quite infuriating but doesn’t have to be anymore by using the ChargeAll device. You can get the ChargeAll with a charging station for only $40 dollars, or you can pay $20 dollars for either the wall charger, car charger, or solar charger, all of which fit the devices stated above. ChargeAll is an inexpensive and convenient solution to the annoyance of charging all your electronics.


ChargeAll Review - Erica P - Salt Lake City, UT

Cell phones are great. They are so convenient and they come with some really cool features. Waiting in line is no longer as boring as it used to be because you can pull out your phone, your Blackberry or IPhone and check email, surf the web and play games to make the time go by. For the younger generation there is the Nintendo DS, although many adults love it too. However, I see a lot more adults with the Amazon Kindle instead. It is great.

There is just one problem; with all of those devices it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the chargers. When the battery runs out standing in line goes back to being boring. If you did not think to carry that charger with you the device is going to stay out of order until you return. There are no other options.

While portable electronic devices are popular it is unlikely that someone nearby you will have the exact charger that you need. There are a wide variety of cell phones, handhelds, and other devices and they all use different chargers. If you are really desperate, you would have to ask just about everybody at the airport or other public place if they have the one that you need. Samsung, Nokia, Apple, and Sony Ericsson all have different chargers for their devices and there are a lot more brands out there. By now, with the advancement of technology and the popularity with which portable electronic devices are used, it seems that there would have emerged a solution to the charger issue.

Now, finally, somebody has heard all the sighs of frustration from these device users whose batteries have died out unexpectedly. They have come up with a Charge All. I happen to think is a great idea for multiple reasons. With a charge all there is no difference in charger requirements. Every electronic device can be charged up with a Charge All. It makes thing so convenient and solves a lot of complicated issues that would otherwise continue to be a hassle.

First of all, if you are a person that has multiple devices, you do not have to worry about carrying a big bag of plugs and wires just to make sure that you have the right charger for each one. As many chargers as you pack you can still forget one; probably the most important one. The Charge All lets you be free from all this trouble. One charger and you are done. What a great idea!


Another great benefit of Charge Alls is that if you happen to forget your charger it is more likely that someone will have one that you can use. For example, if the members of your family use Charge Alls and you forget yours you can use one of theirs. It is really quite convenient. As the Charge All grows in popularity more people will be able to help others out by sharing, if they choose to. The Charge All was a long time in the making but destined to appear.


ChargeAll Review - Daniel G - Honolulu, HI

I have three cell phones: one for personal use and two for work. I also own an iPod, an iPad, a Nintendo DS, and a laptop. I use all of these products almost on a daily basis, if not several times a week. While they are all wireless, they are really only truly wireless devices until the batteries need recharged. It is honestly a huge pain to have to carry so many different power cords with me on business trips, and as a result, I end up cutting down on the amount of devices I take with me. Just packing the cords alone takes up too much space, and getting hassled at the airport takes twice as long when going through a security checkpoint.

The laptop, iPad, and cell phones are all necessary for work. I simply can’t be without them, otherwise I risk losing business. I need to have them with me practically at all times, and I’m not always able to gauge when their batteries will need recharged. If they all need recharged at the same time then I’m really in trouble, because I often have to run out on business with little notice. So, I need to have my power cords with me and ready to use.


I came across Charge All kind of randomly. A guy mentioned it to me online, I checked it out, and I wasn’t sure it would be worth the money. One product to charge all of my wireless devices didn’t seem practical, or even real. How could it adapt to so many things? But since I’m always moving around with so many devices, I thought it would be worth a shot.


Now I don’t think of the Charge All as a purchase, I think of it as an investment. It saves space in my travel bag, it’s easy to use (literally plug-and-play, in every sense of the phrase), and helps maintain my much needed battery life. Batteries have a habit of degrading over time, but the Charge All helps me keep them at their peak charge whenever I need it.

For those of us in the business world that are always on the move, this product is possibly the best thing since the smartphone was created. When we were given the electronic ability to communicate and do business from anywhere in the world we were also instantly saddled with certain limits. Battery life became something to stress over, and the more devices we got to increase “convenience” the more cords we have to carry over our shoulders. It literally became a weight on our backs. Not anymore. I would recommend this device to anyone that has multiple wireless devices in need of near constant recharging. The Charge All works, and it works better than you imagine.