Top Ten Tips to Make your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

Has Your Cell Phone Died?
Learn how to Conserve your Precious Battery Life.


 It’s no surprise how often we use our cell phones. Whether e-mailing, Facebook status updating, or Angry Birds slinging, it seems that our cell phone batteries can never last long enough. Cell phone battery life technology has lagged other advancements, such as high resolution displays, faster processors, and larger storage, all of which demand more power. Charging a phone more than once a day has become the norm for many users. In fact, many people have even resorted to carrying around a spare charger or large external battery packs. These tips should help alleviate the problem:


1. Turn down your screen brightness - More than likely, the biggest power consumer on your phone is the large LCD screen. Turn it down by adjusting the LCD brightness in your phone’s setting below 50%

2. Configure your ringtone and vibrate settings – If it’s in your purse, set the ringer to alert you. If it’s in your pocket, set the vibrate to alert you. Having both at full setting can be a burden on your battery. Also, be sure that only the most necessary alerts are active on your phone.

3. Close background running applications – For the smartphone user, one of the biggest misconceptions is that switching applications closes the previous; not true. In fact, when you power on your phone, most of these applications open by default without you ever knowing; draining your precious battery life. Make sure you close the applications you’re not using.

 4. Turn off Bluetooth – Not only will Bluetooth drain your battery, but it’s also a security vulnerability. Turn it off, preserve your battery and keep your phone safe from prying eyes.

 5.  Turn off 4G/3G – It’s fast and high speed, but that performance uses more power. When you’re not browsing the internet or downloading videos, the regular network will work just fine for voice calls and text messages

 6. Keep your battery cool – Batteries last longer when operated under room temperature. Extreme conditions such as direct sunlight can cause the battery to get excessively hot and reduce battery life accordingly.

7. Decrease screen standby time – When your phone is not in use, it should be in standby mode. Even better, manually turn off the screen immediately after using it. Under 5 seconds is a good setting.

8. Turn off push notifications – Your smartphone fetches data like e-mails and weather alerts on a regular basis. Turn this feature off and your fetch data manually or on less frequent intervals.

9. Replace your battery – We all grow old, even cell phone batteries. A battery lifespan is measured in it’s number of cycles, or how many times its discharged and recharged. It’s a good habit to replace your battery every 2 years with regular use.

10. Turn your phone off – While the most obvious, turning your phone off is the best way to conserve battery life. Or a less extreme case is switch the phone to airplane mode, where all network connections are turned off.

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