Universal Cell Phone Charger

Has your cell phone battery died when you needed it most? Think about that for a second… Moms, Dads, Kids, Uncles, Aunts, or Grandmothers, it’s happened to them and it shouldn’t happen to you. ChargeAll is the solution to an emergency cell phone charger. Unexpected situations arrive, and having a charged cell phone to stay in touch with your loved ones is absolutely necessary. 

Not just important for family and friends, but for co-workers and employees as well. Think about the stockbroker who needs to constantly answer e-mails on his Blackberry or respond to sudden changes in the stock market, an emergency cell phone charger such as ChargeAll would be the perfect addition to any desk or office. Because, it’s not always about just having a charger for yourself, but for others as well.    Another situation would be a doctor, who needs to be accessible for his patient 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Having a ChargeAll at his home, his office, and the operating room would keep him and his staff ready for whatever issues may arise.    ChargeAll is the answer to an emergency cell phone charger. Our goal is to have free charging stations for everyone and everywhere around the world. Ask your local restaurant, hotel, bar, or cafe to keep a ChargeAll Desktop Organizer always handy for their valued guests.