Cell Phone Charging Station Guide

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Everything you wanted to know about charging stations can be found on this page. Not all cell phone chargers are created equal, nor do they serve the same purpose. With the importance of cell phones in today's society, knowing how to stay charged and connected with the rest of the world is a part of life. This guide answers the Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How?

What is a Cell Phone Charging Station?

Wireless Phone Chargers - Inductive Charging

    • Cell Phone Charging Kiosk - Phone Charging Area
    • Wireless cellphone charging stations are electronic pads that need to be touching a phone to begin charging. They work by creating a small electromagnetic field between the charging station and the cellphone. This process is coined "inductive charging" and also as wireless energy transfer. The charging station known as the Touchstone by Palm for the Palm Pre was a popular device that brought this technology to the forefront of the tech community. Wireless chargers are used mostly in consumer's homes and rarely found at public charging stations because they require special equipment to transmit and receive the electric charge.
    • Price - Charging kiosks typically range from $250-$2000 for a single unit.

      • Features - Usually come with detachable tips. However, they are easy to lose and misplace

      • Functionality - Cell Phone Charging Kiosks do their job of charging cell phones, but at a much slower speed

      • Availability -  Available in airports and other public places

      • Placement - These bulky charging kiosks are placed in public areas and are subject to graffiti and are a target among juvenile delinquents

      • Advantages - Offer a public service to individuals and the size of these large kiosks are hard to miss

      • Disadvantages -  Large cell phone kiosks are vulnerable to damage and often require costly $100/per hour technicians to repair the damages. Otherwise, how do you replace a $1500 charging kiosk?

      • “Don’t use USB without protection, folks!”

      • Beware of data-stealing Phone Charging Kiosks

        Wouldn’t it be awesome if you didn’t have to worry about people juice jacking your phone when you were getting it charged at free phone stations? You may think the ideal is like Martin Luther King Jr. by how the way the world works – always just a dream. But this is where you are mistaken! With ChargeTech, you don’t need to worry about your information being jacked because frankly, we don’t care. We really don’t. All we care about is that you have a charged phone at all times, and you can get along with your day. So could other mobile charging stations pose a threat to data security? Maybe. There is a possibility with other brands – brands that care about your intellectual property. But we don’t. We, ChargeTech, can guarantee our universal phone charging stations will commit no such crime, and at the end of the day, all you will end up with is a charged phone. We are in no means stating that other phone charging brands will not commit this crime because there is a possibility that if you use their charging stations, you will be getting jacked. Like those people donating to KONY.

        ChargeTec enables you to plug in multiple devices at the same time. How convenient would this be if you were traveling around the world where you have to spend extensive amounts of time outside of your hotel room? In an ideal world, there would be no chance of you ever having to roam an unknown city without a charged phone. In an ideal world, hotel cell phone chargingstations would exist, as well as every other restaurant, coffee shop, etc. You get the gist. ChargeTech can guarantee that it is NOT a security threat. Our charging stations and wall chargers cannot be rigged because it is nothing more than a simple charger with multiple hookups to several different devices. Even hackers would look at the charging station with confusion because there is simply nothing to hack. More importantly, learn about us, and why we're trying to place free cell phone chargers everywhere.

          • Krebs on Security reported that cell phone charging kiosks were “capable of downloading their smartphone’s data without their knowledge or consent” and even capable of installing a virus onto your device with the USB charging ports. Most phones are configured to transfer data as well as power from the same plug on the phone.

            • Product Reviews-It’s like giving a thief the keys to your house!” - Teri

              • "A friend of a friend used one, and his phone was infected with the Good Times virus and it infected the control circuits of his fridge and made his ice cream go all melty. –Snig“

                • I wouldn't use a charging kiosk because they cost way too much money. Better to camp on the floor by an outlet.” -Jack Roberts

                  • "Thanks for the warning! I never would have thought of that, and I’m afraid it will be difficult to find out before taking the phone home." - Jane

                • Best Universal Phone Charger

                    • Generic universal cellphone chargers are basic low-quality cell phone charging systems that have a variety of tips. Most unmarked universal chargers are manufactured to low standards and underperform in comparison to name-brand chargers. These are typically powered by USB computer ports and lack fast-charge technology. On sale for as low as $4.00, quality, safety and reliability are all nonexistent when it comes to cheap universal cell phone chargers.

                • Charging Valet - A Charging Box Station

                    • Price- range from $20-$100

                      • Features - The cheaper valets simply serve as organized storage for cell phones, cash,  jewelry, and other valuables. Higher-end valets come with charging cables for phones.

                        • Functionality - provides an organized compact charging system for phones

                          • Availability - Charging valets are intended for personal home usage and for traveling

                            • Placement - Place on flat surfaces in office, home, bedroom

                              • Advantages - portable travel valets allow users to easily take these with them on-the-go. No messing with wires.

                                • Disadvantages - Lower end charging valets do not include the chargers. Higher-end charging valets include chargers but come at a much higher price. However, with or without the chargers, they are intended for home usage and are not very practical.

                                  • Product Reviews-

                                  1. OEM Factory Cell Phone Charger

                                    • Price - $29.95 for just one charging tip. You're guilty, aren't you? How many times have you gone to your local electronics retailer or cell phone store and paid $30 for a cell phone charger that works with just one device?
                                    • Features - Standard charging speed; 2-3 hours if you're lucky. The only thing more exciting is waiting for water to boil.


                                      • Functionality - Charges your phone and only your phone. How about your friends, families or co-workers? How many times have you heard the phrase "My Cell Phone Died"?


                                        • Availability - Everywhere! That's the problem, people don't question paying $29.95 for a basic charger that only works with one device.


                                          • Placement - Your home or office. How about when you're out? Shouldn't restaurants, bars, hotels and coffee shops have free cell phone chargers for you to use too? Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi, right?


                                            • Advantages - It's simple and easy to use, but doesn't do much else.


                                              • Disadvantages - It's a one-trick pony. It charges your phone and does it pretty slowly.


                                                • Product Reviews - "I paid $29.95 for a replacement charger at my local store. Isn't there anything better?" - John Doe

                                                Why do you need Cell Phone Charging Stations?

                                                1. Increase in Sales
                                                2. Attract more customers
                                                3. To keep your guests longer and happier


                                                Who's currently using Mobile Phone Charging Stations?


                                                  • "A very high in-demand product. Our biggest problem is with guests loving it so much that they want to steal it. It’s a good thing ChargeTech has an anti-theft option."  Ned Abdallah, Hilton (Glendale, CA)

                                                  • "Every guest has a different cell phone. I like the option of having one charger that can charge everything. The fast charge capability is also a plus for our guests who don’t have time to wait for their phone to charge." Allison Creighton, General Manager, Hilton (Verona, PA)

                                                The Cheesecake Factory

                                                  • "We always try to accommodate our guests and stay innovative. We even have white napkins because some guests prefer them over black napkins. ChargeTech is a great idea and 'My Cell Phone Died' is a common problem."  Scott H. (General Manager), Irvine, CA

                                                Toyota Car Dealerships

                                                  • "My Tustin Toyota car dealership is by far the nicest I've ever been to. Can you believe there's a Subway inside!? And check out these cool ChargeTech cell phone charging stations at every table in the lobby." Felix C. (Proud Scion Owner) Tustin, CA

                                                Harrah's Casino

                                                  • "The idea behind cell phone charging stations is that guests don't have to leave the gambling tables to go upstairs and charge their cell phones in the rooms." Michael K., Director of Hotel Operations, Las Vegas, NV.

                                                Georgetown University

                                                  • "I'm a librarian and students constantly ask me to charge their cell phone." Donna H., Librarian, Washington D.C.

                                                Coachella Music Festival

                                                  • "Coachella definitely lived up to its reputation. One of the coolest things about the event was obviously the air-conditioned VIP area and the FREE cell phone charging stations they had there. I called it my rest and recharge zone." Charlotte M. (Concert Goer) Indio, CA

                                                When do you need a Cell Phone Charging Station?

                                                My Cell Phone Died! Plain and simple, customers and all technology users know that when their cell phone dies they lose connection with the distant world. This common scenario happens all too often leaving customers out of luck when they are away from their home or car chargers. Public charging stations of all types would see heavy use from people off all ages because it solves the simple problem everyone faces: My cell phone died.

                                                Where can you use a Phone Charging Station?

                                                  • Home

                                                    • Your family, friends, and guests all have cell phones, but the problem is that everybody has different makes and models. Having a fast cell phone charging station keeps everybody charged and connected.

                                                    • Office

                                                      • The majority of a person's life is spent in the workplace. The office break room, front lobby and conference rooms are the perfect places for employees to charge their cell phones and stay connected. Can you imagine missing an important e-mail because your cell phone died?

                                                      • Hotel

                                                        • Did you know that the number one most left-behind item in a traveler's suitcase is a cell phone charger? Having cell phone charging stations in every hotel room, lobby, front desk and common area is important for guest satisfaction and also convenience. Just ask any housekeeper how many times they find a lost cell phone charger in the room.

                                                        • Restaurant

                                                          • Ensure greater customer service, a 24/7 branding tool and increased loyalty by providing cell phone chargers in restaurants. Whether they're waiting to be seated, picking up an order, eating, or waiting for the check, charging stations will appeal to both local customers and individuals who are just looking for a cell phone charger! (Think tourists) A convenient amenity will not only attract customers to restaurants, but sales will increase if restaurants make it available to paying customers only.

                                                          • Coffee Shop

                                                            • The coffee shop is an ideal environment for placing cell phone chargers. Notorious for offering free wifi to its customers and college students, coffee shops have yet to implement charging stations as an additional amenity for their tech-savvy customers. With the added convenience of a cell phone charger, customers will feel more at home and stay and shop longer.
                                                            • Casino

                                                              • Casinos benefit greatly from having free cell phone charging stations spread out among the building. Customers who have their phones plugged into these convenient charging stations, on average, stay longer in the vicinity of the phone apposed to a no charger situation. A happy visitor who doesn't need to leave to charge his or her phone will be able to gamble longer. Casinos are able to print their brand or logo on these chargers or publish the details of a particular promotional on cell phone charging stations.

                                                              • Airport

                                                                • The airport is an environment where cell phone chargers work very well at. Some airports currently have large cell phone charging kiosks that are very popular among travelers. Providing the ability to charge travelers dying phones is invaluable and will greatly enhance the users' day.

                                                                • Venues

                                                                  • Have you ever been to a concert or music festival and your cell phone is about to die? Oh no! You just left to the restroom and went to grab a couple of drinks while your friends were back in the tent raving to Tiesto. How are you going to find your friends now in this venue filled with about 50,000 concert goers? I'm sure most of you have had this problem before. The fast self-service ChargeTech charging stations are the perfect amenity by offering a free cell phone device charger in these high-traffic venues.

                                                                  • Shopping centers

                                                                    • Compact charging stations offer retailers a customer value proposition. Proven to increase shopper spending and in-store traffic, charging stations allow retailers to tie in sales while ensuring customer usage and maximizing engagement with consumers when their cell phone device is low on battery.

                                                                    • Anywhere you spend time - Don't forget about outdoor phone charging stations too

                                                                      • Salons, Spas, Libraries, Gyms, Hospital Waiting Rooms and thousands more; the possibilities are endless. Our cell phone has become so integrated into our personal, professional and even spiritual life that having a charged cell phone is absolutely necessary 24 hours a day 7 days week. How many times have you heard the phrase "My Cell Phone Died"?

                                                                    How should you use a Phone Charging Station?

                                                                      • Let your guests know

                                                                        • It is important to notify your guests that your business offers cell phone charging services so that they can be sure to take full advantage of this amenity. Window stickers and table signs are good indicators to your guests that you offer cell phone charging services for their phones. Advertising the cell phone stations on the storefront of the business may act as an incentive for foot traffic to enter the store or restaurant.

                                                                        • Proper placement

                                                                          • Unlike some brands, ChargeTech is manufactured and designed to be a personal charging station that can be placed conveniently close to the user allowing then to check their phone regularly. This contrasts with other charging stations that force its customers to lock their cell phones in a vault while charging.

                                                                          • Monetize

                                                                            • Cell phone charging stations are a very profitable service to offer in a couple of ways. First and foremost, they generate increased revenues simply acting as a lure for more customers and increased business transactions. Another way to profit from charging stations is through the pay-per-charge system. This revenue model required the user to pay a small fee for each phone they want to charge. Fees can be collected through a paid text message service or other means.
                                                                          • Customer Satisfaction
                                                                            • All ChargeTech cell phone charging stations are fully backed and guaranteed against manufacturer's defects. Although, the biggest problem you're going to have is guests loving and using ChargeTech so much that they might be keeping it for themself (not to worry, anti-theft hardware is available).