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Ranked #1 In-Room Hotel Technology - Hotels with charging stations

The American Hotel & Lodging Association states that hotel owners and executives ranked universal cell phone chargers at the top of their list for 'most popular room technology implementation'. In fact one of the most Googled search items when people are searching for where to stay is "hotels with charging stations near me"hotels with charging stations near me

Free Wi-Fi at hotels isn't enough. Now more than ever, hotel guests expect technology-based amenities to support their gadget-loving lifestyles. The perfect hotel guest amenity is innovative, inexpensive and interactive. Hotels that offer cell phone charging stations fit all three criteria and are the reason why they have become the most sought-after hotel guest amenity. Think about it? The mobile phone has become the center of guests' personal and work life. From calling family and friends to answering e-mails, being away from their home and office is difficult enough. Imagine having your phone die in the middle of an important conversation or right before you need to send an e-mail. A typical smartphone doesn't have the battery life to even last a day.

Hotels with Charging Stations are Perfect for the Lobby or Guest Rooms

ChargeTech is perfect for the lobby, guest rooms, business centers, restaurants, bars, and concierges. Our charging stations can also be customized with your hotel promotion or social media link. Imagine all the positive feedback on Trip Advisor. "I love their FREE cell phone chargers!" "They saved me when I needed it most. I wish all hotels had these."

In a recent summit that was held in Los Angeles, USA Today asked the CEO's of five major hotel chains what they thought about the latest technological developments in the hotel industry. The CEO's were from Marriott, Intercontinental, Carlson, Choice, and Wyndham.

Here is a brief summary of what was said, and how their comments support the fact that a hotel can benefit from using ChargeTech in their facilities: "Given that iPads and other mobile devices are practically a necessity for travelers today, hotels must provide their guests with more technology-focused amenities, as well as internet access. Many hotel chains now offer internet access, either for free or for a small fee. Because so many guests are now using the internet, the bandwidth must be increased and mobile device charging stations must be provided. The modern-day traveler wants to have the ability to conduct their business online with ease. If you have a ChargeTech hotel phone charging station in their rooms or in the lobby, you are enabling guests to connect to the internet without having to worry about their mobile device running out its charge.

Promote your Facebook/Twitter/Trip Advisor

The iPad revolution has changed the way people book rooms, as well as the way they gauge which rooms hotels will best suit them. Few business travelers these days are without their mobile devices, and they use these devices to search for the best rates and the most amenities for their dollar. However, these mobile devices also play a large part in where they are going to stay, based upon the fact that a hotel is geared toward more tech-savvy guests is going to get more business, in the long run. You see, guests can search for which hotels offer them the ability to recharge their mobile devices in-room or in the lobby, so they will most likely prefer to stay in a hotel that gives them that opportunity. You could essentially use these hotel charging stations as a tethered advertising opportunity. Placing a link to your Facebook, Twitter or TripAdvisor website on the charging station itself.

Though it's important to do customize the hotel experience for a certain classification of guests, it may be more important to focus on value. Thanks to the recession, more and more travelers are looking for the best deal possible when it comes to their accommodations. Rather than spending a lot of money on amenities they don't need, they'd like to pay less for ones that they do, such as a ChargeTech cell phone charging station at the facility. Another great benefit is that these ChargeTech stations feature anti-theft hardware to help you prevent theft before it even starts.

Imagine Business without a Cell Phone - The Solution is a hotel usb charging station in every room charging station cell phone hotel

The cell phone has become the hub of all things leisure, entertainment, productivity and most importantly, business. From answering e-mails to conference calls with clients, being readily accessible doesn't change when your traveling. As a hotelier, placing cell phone charging stations at the business center is a great way to cater to guests' ever-demanding needs. Whether they have an Apple iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Amazon Kindle or digital camera, ChargeTech charging stations become a compact universal charging platform that's perfect for tight spaces.

Hotel Lobbies are meant for Social Interaction

Many hotel chains have made the lobbies into places of social interaction. Therefore, having a ChargeTech station in a hotel lobby can add to the overall experience of the guest. Traveling can get lonely for some, so it's important to have a place in your hotel where the guests can interact, while still being able to carry out their work if they so choose. Thus, having a ChargeTech station in your lobby will enhance the guest's experience and encourage mood-boosting social interaction. Learn more about all of our products here.

The Most Forgotten Item - Is a Cell Phone Charger

Guests forgetting their cell phone chargers is as much a problem for the hotel owner, as it is the guest. In a Wall Street Journal Article titled "Losing a Charger Bothers You and Bedevils Hotels", they highlight the "graveyard" of hundreds of phone chargers left behind every month. The problem? There are so many devices that require their own power cords. Guests bring their own power cords and forget they're plugged into the wall. When they return home, they realized they left their charger and head to the store to purchase another one for $19.95. The solution? A single universal cell phone docking station. The reason why ChargeTech developed its latest charging stations; it's the solution to "my cell phone died" problem. That is, placing free cell phone chargers everywhere where people no longer have to worry about their phone dying or carrying an extra battery pack along. It's not too far fetched of reality either, ChargeTech offers to charge stations that cater to all business situations. Check out our entire product line of hotel charging solutions to learn more.


Hotel Customer Testimonials

Allison Creighton
General Manager
Hilton (Verona, PA)

Every guest has a different cell phone. I like the option of having one charger that can charge everything. The fast charge capability is also a plus for our guests who don't have time to wait for their phone to charge.

Derege Digaff
General Manager
Hilton (San Gabriel, CA)

My guests and I absolutely loved the product! I actually just used it this morning. Cell phones dying is actually a common problem. We support innovative technology and are looking to implement these throughout our hotel.

Ned Abdallah
Hilton (Glendale, CA)

A very high in-demand product. Our biggest problem is with guests loving it so much that they want to steal it. It's a good thing ChargeTech has an anti-theft option.

Bob Thomas
Westin (Chicago, IL)
Love it. However, I would make stronger wires and make the product more secure to prevent guests from taking them. Love the stickers and the blue light. Very nice.

Jeff Hazen
InterContinental Hotels Group (Atlanta, GA)
ChargeTech...Nice concept, nice perk and nice amenity. Exactly what every hotel, bar, restaurant or coffee shop needs. It's expensive and compact enough for every application.

Marcia Bond
Hampton Inn and Suites (Barstow, CA)
A great product! Such a great product that the first guest I loaned it to actually kept it for himself. It's a good thing ChargeTech has an anti-theft security option now.

John Miller
Marriott (Jacksonville, FL)
At the Marriot’s front desk that I work at, we have two boxes of what we call the cell phone charger graveyard. They consist of a pile of tangled guests’ lost chargers. ChargeTech solves this problem.

Cristina Garcia
Hilton (Phoenix, AZ)
A simple convenient device that our guests appreciate. I couldn't tell you how many guests forget their charger... and they're actually quite surprised that we are able to charge any phone for them with ChargeTech.

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