Multi-Device Charging Stations

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ChargeTech Charging Stations

ChargeTech has been a leading provider of high-quality, affordable multi-device charging stations for over ten years. Our charging stations and other charging products utilize novel technology in elegant and cost-effective ways, making us among the most trusted name in the charging industry. 

In this article, we will outline the different options of charging stations that ChargeTech offers to help you find the solution that meets your individual need. 

ChargeTech offers a wide range of charging station options. From Wall Mount units to Cart Charging Stations and even Wireless Charging Stations, we have a product for any of your charging needs. These multi-device charging stations are capable of simultaneously charging different types and brands of devices at once, so Apple products can be charged alongside Samsung products, Microsoft products, Google products, etc. 

We also offer a range of charging tables and stands. These sleek products allow businesses and organizations to conveniently provide an important amenity to their employees and guests in their facility, shop, or warehouse. Charging tables and stands are the perfect focal points for conferences, lobbies, and waiting rooms where guests can congregate while charging their phones.

Our charging tables all share compatibility with multiple devices and an affinity for convenience and comfort. ChargeTech is certain that we can provide an appropriate charging stand or table for every type of customer. 

Finally, ChargeTech is the industry leader in multi-device charging lockers. One of our most popular product segments, our multi-device charging lockers, comes in both 6-device and 8-device configurations and fit neatly on the wall or on the ground. Our charging lockers are compatible with all types of smartphones and offer a safe, user-friendly charging option for employees or clients.

All of our charging lockers allow users to charge and store their devices and set their own unique passcode. When the user wants their device back, they simply enter their passcode and retrieve their charged device. Our multi-device charging lockers are a necessity for lobbies, breakrooms, or other common areas where guests and employees may require a safe place to store and charge their devices. 

We even offer multidevice charging lockers equipped with UV-C bulbs in eachbay to dissenefect your devices and objects while they charge. 

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8 Bay Charging & UV Disinfecting Locker


Best Multi-Device Charging Stations

ChargeTech specializes in multi-device charging stations for an array of enterprise clients. No matter the need, ChargeTech has a multi-device charging station solution. Charge up to 8 devices at once with the WM9 Wall Mount and Table Top Charging Station. This simple, sleek, space-saving solution helps drive and retain customers in your business. Perfect for healthcare, education, hospitality, entertainment, retail, trade shows, and more. Use the WM9 Wall Mount and Table Top Charging Station to brandish your company’s or sponsor’s logo while keeping your customers happy. 

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Looking for a smaller yet equally powerful option? Our CS9 Pro Desktop Charging Station is perfect for you. Charge up to 8 devices with this small yet mighty charging solution. The CS9 Pro Desktop Charging Station comes equipped with six retractable charging cables, an AC outlet, a USB port, and a 10W wireless charging station perfect for Qi-Compatible devices. This plethora of charging solutions allows the CS9 to charge virtually any electronic device on the market!

The CS9 charging station can also be custom branded with your company’s or sponsor’s logo and comes with an aesthetically pleasing soft blue light that illuminates the charging cables from above. 

Apple Device Charging Stations

Our charging stations are designed to accommodate the most popular Apple products. All of our multi-device charging stations function as Apple Device Charging Stations for multiple devices, meaning they are always compatible with Apple products. All of our multi-device charging stations come equipped with lightning cables and type-C cables, meaning they can charge both Apple mobile devices and Apple laptops.

Furthermore, many of our multi-device charging stations are wireless charging stations and come equipped with wireless pads for Qi-enabled devices. These 10W wireless pads are compatible with newer Apple mobile devices (iPhone 8 and higher). All of our charging stations come with interchangeable cables to meet your specific needs. Need your charging station for multiple devices to only serve Apple products? Simply swap the micro USB cables for lightning or type-C cables. 




Multi-Device Wireless Charging Stations

Many of our multi-device wireless charging stations are equipped with Qi-enabled pads. These wireless charging pads are compatible with newer mobile devices, and do not require a cord for charging! The Qi pads use a resonant inductive coupling to calculate your device’s compatibility and energy requirement. Once this has been determined, the pad uses induction to charge your device. This method is the pinnacle of charging convenience as there are no cords involved. Even better is that the Qi pads only activate and transfer energy when a compatible device requiring charge is placed upon it. 

When it comes to charging with ease, you cannot beat the simplicity of a multi-device wireless charging station. 

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