Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I own a business, how can ChargeAll benefit me?
Answer: Thousands of people everyday are saying "My Cell Phone Died". Can you imagine if they knew your hotel, restaurant, bar, or coffee shop offered free cell phone charging stations? Attract more customers! For only $39.95, these cell phone charging stations would pay for itself in just one day.

ChargeAll Free Cell Phone Charging Stations work the same way as Free Wi-Fi, which is now offered in Starbucks' and McDonald's across the country. A customer walks in, buys food or drink, charges their cell phone, and goes about their day. It's a win-win situation for everybody.


Question: I only have one phone, why do I need ChargeAll?
Answer: Sharing is caring. The idea behind ChargeAll is to make sure EVERYONE is always charged, and always ready. It's only $19.95, you literally get 10 chargers for the price of 1. That means you can charge your friends Blackberry, your little sister's Nintendo DS, and your dad's Amazon Kindle; all with the same charger.


Question: Can you charge more than one device at once?
Answer: We recommend to charge only one device at a time. It charges Apple iPhones 50% faster and Blackberrys 2x faster than the factory charger.


Question: How can I tell how much charge my 40K Portable Power Outlet AC battery has?

Portable power outlet with 40,000mAh battery capacity has an LED screen that provides a percentage readout of how much power is available.


Can power banks and charging stations charge non-phone devices like a tablet or laptop?

Yes, the portable power banks, wall mount charging station and power floor stand charging station include a variety of cables to charge multiple devices and electronics.


Question: Who are your competitors? Is there anything else like ChargeAll?
Answer: Simply put, no one else does what ChargeAll can. There are plenty of other chargers on the market, and plenty in the past that have tried to be what ChargeAll is today. ChargeAll's goal is to provide a convenient, cost effective charger for customers and businesses alike.

Customer Problems

    • "I need a charger for my entire family"

        • Featuring 10 Tips in 1

    • "A new charger costs $34.95 and it only charges one device!"

        • Only $19.95

    • "I have so many different devices, it's a hassle bringing more than one charger when I'm traveling"

        • One piece design - No tips to lose or misplace - simple and convenient.

    • "My charger takes too long to charge!"

        • Fast Charge Technology. 2x faster than a Blackberry charger and 50% faster than an iPhone charger.

Business Problems

    • "How can I attract more customers?"

        • 84% of Americans own a cell phone. Attract more customers and keep your existing ones longer in your bar or restaurant by providing a free cell phone charging station.

    • "What's the cost to me? How much does it cost a customer to charge their phone?"

        • A ChargeAll charging station is only $39.95. It's so inexpensive you can place several throughout your hotel, restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. ChargeAll charging stations are completely free to your customer to use. They're going to love it so much you'll definitely need more than one!


Question: How much does it cost for a customer to use the ChargeAll Charging Station?
Answer: FREE! Who wants to pay to charge their cell phone? A customer walks into your business, buys food or drink, and charges their phone free of charge. Everybody's happy!

ChargeTech - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)