Best Portable Chargers for All Your Devices

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Whether you’re traveling, working from home, or running your business, you will need backup power in case of emergencies. Phones, laptops, and tablets are crucial to staying connected with others and completing tasks for the day. Running out of power can be one of the most stressful events that could happen to someone who depends on these devices. Luckily, as long as you have a portable charger for all of these devices, you can work from anywhere with the peace of mind that you won’t be running out of power anytime soon. 

There are various options of portable chargers on the market, and you should choose one that suits your needs and budget the best. This article will serve as a guide to help you remember all of the factors you need to consider and find the portable charger that meets your qualifications. 


Factors To Consider in Buying a Portable Charger

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Before hitting the check-out button or heading to the counter, there are certain factors you need to consider first:


Weight and Size

Since you’ll most probably be bringing this charger with you everywhere, it’s a good idea to define what you consider “portable” first. You would want this device to be the right size to fit in your handbag or laptop bag. Generally speaking, smaller chargers will have smaller batteries and fewer USB ports as well. 

If the charger is for your laptop, then choose a bigger charger. However, remember that they can be heavier than other portable chargers. You have to consider your current transportation situation as well — like if you typically walk or commute long distances or work from home. 



One of the most significant factors to consider when purchasing a portable battery is its capacity or milliampere. You must check the battery of your device to ensure that it matches the charger’s capacity. Typically, the smallest portable chargers have 2,000 mAh, and the ones on the larger side have around 20,000 mAh capacity. 

After determining your battery’s capacity, you can immediately look for a charger that can restore your device’s energy in one go. Remember that bigger devices require chargers with bigger capacity. 


You get what you pay for, and paying for the cheapest portable charger is not always a good idea unless it comes from a reliable and legitimate company. Buy a great charger at a reasonable price, and don’t be fooled by marketing tactics that sell cheap or even fake chargers. Your device’s charger can affect its longevity, so it’s good to consider purchasing high-quality chargers to avoid causing irreversible damage to your phone. 

Now that you’re aware of the factors to consider in purchasing a portable charger, it’s time to explore the best portable chargers for all your devices. 


Best For Speed:  Premium 20K PD Battery Pack

This high-speed portable outlet is great for travelers and entrepreneurs on the go. If you don’t have much time to spare, consider this redesigned 65W and 45W Type C charging port to address power problems involving rolling blackouts and power outages. You can count on this 20K portable charger when you need to charge your devices faster to beat deadlines or make the battery last longer for other tasks. 

Their latest line of portable chargers has an antimicrobial coating to remove harmful pathogens from the surface of your charger. 


Best For Travel:  Premium 27K AC Battery Pack

This 27K portable outlet is equipped with a Type C PD 65W charging port that lasts longer for traveling. Its pass-through charging allows you to use this fun portable charger while charging their other devices. With this charger, you get an “always on” battery bank, so you can quickly plug in your device on the go. If you’re usually traveling and going on business trips, this is the right solution for you. 

If you also like to monitor your remaining battery life, you’ll find its LCD screen beneficial. 


Best For Multiple Devices:  Premium 54K Dual AC Battery Pack

This 54K charger with a 65W Type-C PD is a popular product due to its ability to handle multiple devices at the same time. It is a portable DUAL AC power bank that allows you to charge your devices for longer periods without running out of battery during the most crucial tasks. If you have USB-A or USB-C-powered devices, you can charge them with this portable battery dock charging station as well.


Best For Storage:  Antimicrobial Portable Power Supply – 54K AM Dual AC Battery Pack

If you’re fond of bringing smaller bags on business trips, the portability of this charger will truly amaze you. This 54K portable power bank can handle any device — from laptops, phones, and tablets to televisions and speakers. It is compatible with 250-watt devices and all USB devices.

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Best For Minimalism:  Portable Power Outlet 27K 4.0

If you want a simple, minimalistic charger to address your charging needs more quickly and efficiently, this is the one for you. This 27K 4.0 portable charger has an output of 100W for fast charging and features an aluminum body for extra durability. This portable charger is perfect for people on the go. 


Best For Budget:  10K USB-C Wireless Battery Pack

This is perfect for those who are looking for the best portable charger under $50. At $29.95, you already get a wireless 10K power pack that can charge your small devices from anywhere. 

You can simply place your Qi-enabled device on top of this portable charger, and you’re good to go. This small charger has 10,000 mAh that can help you last through the day with full-powered devices. It also includes a built-in display to let you know how much power you have remaining. 


Choose the Best One For Your Needs

While there is an abundance of choices on the market, you must choose one that suits your personal and professional needs. For instance, if you’re always traveling, choose the lightest power bank from the selection and ensure that it can power your devices during the trip. Consider quality , capacity, and size before purchasing a product. It’s best to consult a professional if you’re not certain about the best portable charger for you!