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Premium 27K AC Battery Pack


The premium ChargeTech 27k propped on its side, showcasing the digital display and the AC and USB outlets
Premium 27K AC Battery Pack


We’ve redesigned our 27K Portable Power Outlet with a 65W Type-C PD fast charging port and an updated 5V/3.4A USB port to charge your cell phones, tablets, and laptops faster than ever before. Our new 65W fast-charging port also allows the Portable Power Outlet itself to recharge at high speeds to return to use as quickly as possible. Pass-through charging allows you to power or recharge your devices while your 27K is plugged into the wall recharging itself, making it the perfect solution to power outages and rolling blackouts.

Our 27K Portable Power Outlet now has an LCD screen that displays the remaining battery life, making sure you always know how much power is left. The 27K is the perfect companion for traveling, camping, road trips, remote working, and wherever you might need access to an AC outlet. The 27,000 mAh battery capacity ensures that your mobile devices are always powered up when you need them most.  

Our entire line of new portable power products are manufactured with an antimicrobial coating to keep harmful pathogens from multiplying on the surface of your power pack. 

SKU: CT-600061
Model: PD27KPPO

ChargeTech is proud to be the 2019 Business Products of the Year Winner!

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Lot’s of Power Easy To Carry

The Portable Power Outlet 27,000 mAh was the first battery pack that allowed you to take the wall outlet anywhere. This Amazon best-seller powers/charges laptops, lights, phones, tablets, televisions, radios, speakers, and more. It is compatible with any device that requires 85 watts or less through a standard wall plug. Portable power supply for electronics, camping, phones, and laptop computers.

*This Product does NOT support all laptops. If your laptop draws too much power (over 85 Watts), the portable power outlet will automatically shut off to prevent short-circuiting.

A Wall Outlet on the Go

No longer will you be stuck next to a wall or forced to sit on the floor trying to power your devices. Now you can finally have your own personal and portable wall outlet to plug in your laptop.

Premium Long Lasting Battery

These batteries store more power in a small format while retaining their charge for long durations.

Extremely Versatile

Laptops, lights, phones, tablets, televisions, radios, speakers, the list just goes on and on. Compatible with any device that requires 90 watts or less through a standard wall plug. Compatible with all USB devices.

Tech Specs

In the Box

1x Portable Power Outlet
1x AC Power Supply


Battery Type: Premium 3.6V Li-ion Cells
Battery Capacity: 27,000mAh/98Wh Max
AC Outlet: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
Can be Charged via the DC port (included charger) or the 65W PD Port (30-65W PD adapter and cable not included)
DC Input: 24V/2.5A MAX
Type-C Input: PD 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V/3.25A (65W Max)
Type-C Output A: PD 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V/3.25A (65W Max)
USB-A 3.0 Output: DC 5V/3.4A, 9V/2.5A, 12V/2A (24W Max)


Weight: 1 lb


5.25 in (w) x 7.5 in (h) x 1 in (d)


1 Year Warranty

Additional Product Considerations

Frequent Questions

How long does it take to recharge the 27K

Approximately 2-3 hours at 10-15% and 4 hours completely drained. We recommend recharging your portable power outlet at 15%.

Can I charge Multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, use the ac outlet and dual USBs to power laptops, lights, phones, tablets, televisions, radios, speakers, and more.

How can I tell how much power is available?

There is an LED screen that provides a percentage readout of how much power is available.


Rated out of 5
Additional Power

I purchased the PPO specifically for additional power for my B&O A7 Bluetooth speaker. PPO gave me an additional 4 hrs at full volume playing music with power-demanding bass. I’ve owned it for several months and have enjoyed it. It’s given me peace of mind knowing I have power on demand that is truly portable and does not require any setup. I give this product 5 stars it’s literally plug and play.

Rated out of 5
Great Student Solution

I heard about ChargeTech Portable AC Power from my friends. I quickly understood that I needed one. I am a student in a University, and I always used to have some problems with the battery of my phone or my laptop. Usually there is no power source around or there are all already in use. ChargeTech Portable AC Power Outlet was the best match for my problem and I love it !!!

Rated out of 5
Disaster preparedness

I bought this to complete my emergency kit for power outages, or other emergency situations, - I wanted to be prepared. I've used the 27K on and off to fill in the gaps when I do not have access to power and it works great. I have confidence knowing I have this solution when I really need it.

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