Retail Charging Lockers for a Thriving Business

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In the age of information, an individual’s phone is more than a communication device. People rely on their smartphones now for a variety of tasks, including research, entertainment, banking, and GPS navigation. With that said, it’s no wonder that many smartphone users become anxious as their phones’ battery dies. This reality highlights a need for establishments to offer accessible charging outlets. This will help alleviate any fears of going without an essential device. Here’s a closer look at retail charging lockers and how they benefit retailers and customers alike.


What Are Retail Charging Lockers?

Retail charging lockers let people charge their mobile devices in an establishment. They come with various outlets, granting access to nearly all types of smartphones and tablets. These fixtures are scattered around malls and airports, eliminating any concern of draining battery life when people are away from home. They are also handy for people without portable power banks on them.

Retailers who are looking to enhance the customer experience should consider adding these helpful devices to their stores. Most retail charging lockers are free to use by simply being a customer in a store. Meanwhile, some businesses may implement a form of exchange before customers can charge their smartphones and tablets. For instance, customers may need to submit contact details.



Benefits of Retail Charging Lockers

Retailers must continue innovating to keep up with consumer demands. Retail charging lockers are one way to improve the in-store customer experience, benefiting both the shopper and the business. Here are some benefits of retail charging lockers:


Improve the Customer Experience

Customers value convenience. When a retail establishment has a charging locker, it offers customers the convenience of being able to charge their devices while they shop. Likewise, it decreases the chances of customers having to leave the store due to a dead phone battery.

Retail establishments with space for customers to charge their devices also create a positive atmosphere. Moreover, customers who are comfortable in a store are more likely to stay longer and make purchases.

Essentially, retailers with their customer’s best interests in mind must consider what their customers look for in an establishment beyond its products and services. Thus, phone charging lockers are ideal amenities to attract clients.


Offer Confident Cashless Options

In the age of cashless transactions, people heavily rely on their smartphones to pay for products and services. A survey revealed that more people choose their mobile phones over their wallets first.

Since many customers rely on their phones for digital payment options, having a charging locker or station in a store can assure that their device will not die in the middle of a transaction. With a secure way to proceed with mobile payments or use digital coupons in a store, customers can confidently make purchases.

Retailers who want to encourage cashless transactions should consider adding retail charging lockers in their stores. It counts as an initiative to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.


Boost Revenue

Having a phone charging station in a retail store is an opportunity to generate revenue. Retailers can put up a price for the use of these lockers or stations. While some businesses may hesitate to do so, it is essential to remember that it’s a service that many are willing to pay for. Consider how people are willing to pay more for essentials as long as it is convenient.

Furthermore, we mentioned how comfortable customers are likely to stay longer in a store, boosting chances of making sales. Since they are already comfortable in one establishment, they are less likely to look for another place offering the same items and services. This edge is possible by simply having retail charging lockers.

Overall, retail charging lockers give customers the time to explore the store without having to worry about their devices dying on them. Besides retaining customers in the store, the positive experience potentially attracts more people, increasing foot traffic and retail sales.


Utilize Marketing Channels

Establishments that invest in charging lockers that collect personal information before customers can use the device get an opportunity to reach out to their customers through marketing channels. Retailers can use the collected data to send follow-up messages or promotional content about the products and services in the store.

Moreover, customers can also give feedback about their experience through these marketing channels. Retailers who take the time to listen to their customers show that they are dedicated to meeting their needs. As such, they are likely to become loyal customers knowing they are supporting a business that has their best interests in mind.


Expand Advertising Opportunities

Many retail charging lockers come with display screens that give establishments advertising opportunities. Even if the unit has no digital screen, it still serves as an ideal fixture or location for promotional materials since customers can gather by the station. This way, shoppers who use the charging locker get exposed to the display ads and information.

In essence, retailers that install retail charging lockers have many opportunities to recover the cost of the investment and more. While some stores may view it as an additional expense, having these lockers installed can result in many benefits for the business, including attracting more customers, utilizing marketing opportunities, and boosting sales.


How To Choose Retail Charging Lockers

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing retail charging lockers for any establishment:

    • Locker Size: How big the retail charging locker is will determine how many people can use it at once. When considering a charging locker’s size, business owners must also assess their store’s size to see if the locker will fit.

    • Device Support: Retailers must pick a charging locker based on the type of devices their customers use. Different models come with various support features, making it crucial to pick one that will serve the needs of the target market.

    • Charging Method: Retailers must also consider how they want to offer charging amenities. Lockers can come with standard outlets, but some have wireless charging capabilities. Retailers must consider what type of devices their customers use and their preferences.

    • Security: Retail businesses must also consider the security of the devices in the locker. Many models come with security features like keypads and locks to ensure that the devices are safe. Some retailers may also consider implementing a guarding system to enhance security.

    • Cost: Retail business owners must also think about the cost of the charging locker when making a purchase. Many models come with different price points, so it is essential to compare the options and find one that fits the budget.

Get Started on Your Retail Charging Lockers

Retail charging lockers are a great way to improve customer retention and increase sales. Retailers that are looking to install these lockers must consider the size, support, charging method, security, and cost to find the right model for their business. With the right locker in place, businesses can take advantage of marketing opportunities and expand their advertising reach.

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