How to Assemble and Service ChargeTech Cell Phone Charging Locker

  • 1 min read

This video tutorial explains how to assemble and service ChargeTech's cell phone charging locker, applicable to all locker variants.

  1. Understanding Instructions: Two instructional documents are provided for servicing, replacing parts, and mounting the locker.
  2. Opening Bay Doors: A black jump-start module is used to initially open the bay doors, as they are locked upon shipping.
  3. Installing Batteries: Depending on the locker variant, a specific number of triple-A batteries are needed. The jump-start module may require double-A or triple-A batteries.
  4. Using the JumpStart Module: Load the module with batteries, switch it on, and connect it to the digital keypad. Enter the admin code to unlock the bay.
  5. Connecting Power Supply: Plug the power supply into the back of the locker and into the wall.
  6. Installing Batteries in Locker Bays: Unscrew the Phillips screws, remove the bracket, install the triple-A batteries in the digital keypad, and replace the cover and bracket.

The video provides comprehensive guidance on assembling and servicing the locker, including battery installation and wall mounting, ensuring a smooth setup process.