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Wireless Phone Charging Kiosk

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Wireless Phone Charging Kiosk

The world’s most advanced phone charging kiosk. Featuring Qi wireless technology, secure locking doors, a robust advertising system, touch screen customer data capture display, full remote control and 365/24/7 customer service, it's simply the best. 50% off sale price is available for floor sample model. Custom charging stations are also available. Contact us for more information.


Technical Specifications

You asked. We listened. Introducing the world’s most advanced phone charging kiosk. It’s more than just a simple charging station, it’s a business opportunity and a money making machine for advertisers. It features 5 charging bays, all with the Qi wireless standard and different charging tips to support a wide variety of tips. Feel more secure when you’re at the mall or airport and leave your phone charging while you shop around or relax somewhere else. Our fast charging technology will get your device up and running in no time and ready for you to go about your day. Learn more about this product below.

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Secure Phone Charging Kiosk ChargeTech


The World’s Most Advanced Charging Kiosk

•   5 Individual Lockers – Perfect for high traffic areas to prevent mobile device theft. Able to fit multiple phones and tablet PCs in each locker. Features LockSafe integration.

•   Universal Charging Capability – Apple iPhone/iPad, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Nintendo, Android, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Amazon Kindle and Thousands More!

•   Advertising Platform – Stream video commercials with fully programmable content, run customer surveys, collect e-mails, and engage the users.

•   Credit Card/Bill Acceptor Payment – Choose a payment price of $1-$5. Customers can swipe their payment card of choice or pay with bills.

•   Fully Customizable Graphics – Promote your company name and logo. Or choose from hundreds of different finishes. The possibilities are endless.

•   ChargeFast and Wireless Charging Technology – 2x Faster with optional Qi wireless charging. The future is here.

•   Easy to Operate – Touch screen interactive display

•   Thousands of More Features! – Gather real-time analytics. Full remote access.

Engage in Mobile Marketing

Yeah, that’s right, over 80% of our customers report a 3,000% ROI over the lifetime of their charging station. Why? Because guests are happier, and this leads to an increase in customer satisfaction. By staying longer and purchasing more food, drinks and products, businesses notice an increase in revenue. Higher repeat customers and also more positive reviews on social media. With ROI numbers like this, installing charging stations might be the best investment you’ve made.

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More locations around the world use ChargeTech than any other brand. We offer an entire line of phone charging station and security products for your business. Email us at to learn about all of our different options be sure to check out our newest cell phone locker. You asked, we listened. It’s a low cost unit that features secure locking doors and individual key pads.

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