Work Outside, It's Doctor's Orders (How to stay safe this summer with portable power)

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Higher Risk Indoors vs. Outdoors

According to medical professionals, our risk of transmitting the Coronavirus is far greater indoors than it is outside. Researchers in China found that out of a survey of 318 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, only one had been transmitted outdoors. The vast majority of cases had been transmitted in homes, retail space, and transportation. Portable power units allow many of our high-risk indoor activities such as dining and working to be moved to the relative safety of outdoor spaces with ease.

This is not to say that sheltering in place is counterproductive. Quarantine and self-isolation are the safest known methods for containing the spread of the virus. However, as we begin to reopen society, scientists recommend that we move any activities which can be conducted outside into outdoor areas to reduce our risk of transmission. Portable power products are trusted resources that allow activities that are dependent on a reliable source of power to be conducted outside for extended periods of time.

The lack of air circulation that occurs indoors is what leads to the heightened risk of exposure. When several people are sharing the same indoor space, particulate matter such as aerosolized viral droplets can linger in a room for up to 20 minutes at a time. Indoor air currents tend to circulate the same particulate matter in a concentrated area for extended periods of time, meaning that anyone who is sitting or working in that area will be exposed to the same matter in the air regardless of how far apart they are sitting.

Without proper circulation and ventilation, spending prolonged periods of time indoors with other people exposes you to a heightened risk of contracting the virus. 

In outdoor spaces, on the other hand, particulate matter in the air dissipates much quicker due to the nature of outdoor air currents leading to a far lower likelihood of contraction. 

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Transitioning to Outdoor Activity with Portable Power Technology

Luckily, with the coming of summer, we are able to move much of our daily activity outside. As social distancing restrictions have now begun to be lifted in all 50 states, it is advised that we ease back into our daily activities in fresh air when possible. 

While there is still a risk of transmitting the virus outdoors, that risk has been found to be much lower than in enclosed areas. Individuals are still advised to practice social distancing and wear masks when around people they do not live with, but as we start to come into contact with more people, we are encouraged to so safely, and in many cases, that means in outdoor areas if possible.

Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon and a professor of health policy at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health offered his recommendations for reopening society in a safe manner. He states that whenever we are spending time with other people, we should do so outdoors. This recommendation applies to personal affairs, working from home, dining, recreation, and even business matters. Dr. Makary advises businesses, exercise classes, and family gatherings to be moved outside whenever possible.

Portable Power Post-COVID Transition Strategies

As part of our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, ChargeTech has been working to find solutions to make our personal and professional lives safer from the spread of diseases. ChargeTech portable power units have been proven to be an essential component of making this transition to life after Coronavirus easier. These compact portable power units provide the freedom to work outside and conduct matters of all kinds away from traditional power sources easily and conveniently.  

Our 40K and 54K portable power units allow customers to power several large electronic devices outside for hours thanks to our industry-leading battery technology in these products. 

ChargeTech customers have been using our products in this capacity for years. Whether for camping, spending time at the beach, working from your patio, or even holding business meetings outside, ChargeTech portable power units provide enough battery capacity to power your devices all day long. 

125K Portable Power Unit

ChargeTech 125K Portable Power Unit provides industry-leading battery capacity to work outside uninterrupted all day long.


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Restaurants Move to More Outdoor Seating

Many restaurants are now resuming service with outdoor-only dining, or in some cases, preferential outdoor seating. For example, New York City is moving ahead with measures to greatly increase the ability for restaurants to establish outdoor seating where it did not formerly exist with no cost and an abridged permitting processes. 

In Chicago, restaurants and bars are, as of now, limited to only outdoor seating and service. With so much business in the hospitality industry now being moved to outdoor areas, particularly where they were not formerly set up to do so, there is a great need to access reliable and portable power sources. 

Customers may no longer be able to access sources of power from restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to charge their phones or run their laptops. Outdoor-only spaces often do not have public sources of power available, and when they do, we are discouraged from using these high-touch public power outlets which are risky points of conjunction. Customers are encouraged to bring their own mobile chargers or battery pack to power their laptops and charge their phones on the go. 

Without normal access to outlets, diners may rely on ChargeTech’s 20K mobile charger, a highly portable battery pack that can power up to three cellphones at once, or a more powerful 40K portable power unit to power a laptop.

Restaurants may utilize our large-capacity 125K power station to power lights, speakers, and servers’ stations outdoors for long periods of time.  

Personal and Social Lives- Move it Outdoors

In our personal lives, we are all longing for more social interaction. Thanks to the versatility and mobility of ChargeTech portable power units, in compliance with health and safety recommendations, we have the ability to see friends and family members from the relative safety of outdoor spaces. 

ChargeTech portable power units such as the 125K power station with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and a total of 10 charging outputs can power a family picnic or gathering for hours. This unit boasts an industry-leading 125 thousand milliamp hours of battery life, keeping your whole gathering powered up without the need for wall-mounted power outlets. 

Portable Power and the Post-COVID Workplace

Of course, no activity is as bound to the indoors as our professional lives. It perhaps seems unimaginable to divorce the workplace from indoor spaces. However, ChargeTech customers have been enjoying the versatility and mobility of portable power to work outside for years. 

As part of the ongoing national discussion about the future of the workplace in the post-COVID world, ChargeTech released 4 strategies on how to return to work quickly and safely. Our ability to make our places of work safer and healthier hinges on the versatility of portable power units.

Portable power products allow employers to transform overcrowded communal work stations in office buildings into social-distancing compliant spaces by providing portable power products to their employees so that their desks and workstations can be moved and separated freely without the restrictions of existing power outlets. 

Oftentimes, where we are able to work is dictated by where we are able to access a reliable source of power to operate our computers and technology. With ChargeTech portable power units, employees are able to spread out and work from any place which is deemed safe.

This same logic applies to moving our work outside. A limiting factor in our ability to work outside is a reliable source of power. ChargeTech's high capacity portable power units and mobile charging stations can power several computers from the relative safety of the outdoors for hours without having to access an existing power outlet.

Whether you are working at home or at your place of work, ChargeTech products allow you to conduct business and work outside uninterrupted all day long. Weather permitting, employees are able to work on a computer, take phone calls, and even hold meetings outside thanks to the high capacity of ChargeTech portable power units. 

This summer, enjoy the nice weather while knowing that you are taking steps to protect yourself from the spread of the virus. Take caution when with other people by continuing to follow public health guidances. But when possible, avoid spending time indoors with strangers. Take your portable power unit and spend more time in the fresh air whether you are working or relaxing. 

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