COVID-19 Response Fund

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25% of all profits in the month of April will be donated to the COVID-19 Response Fund at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. All ChargeTech purchases will be providing essential relief to those affected by COVID-19 and support to those who are bravely working to contain its spread. Find out where your dollars are going at the CDP website.


A letter from our new CEO John Cappetta - Generous Optimism in Changing Times

 Having been the principal owner for the past several years, I had the great honor of stepping into the position of CEO of ChargeTech Enterprises in early March. One week into my new role, as the Coronavirus was spreading rampantly across the country, our Irvine offices were shut down due to the shelter-in-place ordinance issued in Orange County and subsequently, the State of California.

I learned quickly that my tenure at ChargeTech would, in many ways, be shaped and defined by forces outside of my control, as we are all learning to live and adapt in a rapidly changing world. I have great faith in humanity’s ability to successfully overcome great challenges through compassion, optimism, and ingenuity. I realize as well that ChargeTech has an important role to play in this new, evolving and shared future. Portable power and innovative battery technology will continue to become indispensable to our lives in an increasingly mobile, adaptive, and necessarily flexible society.

I am proud to announce that beyond offering power solutions to meet the needs of these unprecedented times, in the month of April, ChargeTech will be providing direct relief and support to the most vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19 and to those who are bravely fighting to contain its spread. For the next 30 days, 25% of all profits will be donated directly to the COVID-19 Response Fund at the ​Center for Disaster Philanthropy​ (CDP). Read more about this fund and initiative at the ​CDP website​.

Despite the fear and uncertainties that define this moment, I am heartened by the spirit and focus I see in my colleagues at ChargeTech and in our customers and partners, as we navigate these uncertain waters together. I am greatly looking forward to our shared future as we continue to come together to build a brighter and kinder world.


John Cappetta
CEO ChargeTech Enterprises