ChargeTech UV Charging Carts Helping to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace

How to Stay Healthy in the time of COVID-19

Protecting yourself against the spread of the Coronavirus starts with cleanliness and hygiene. At home, we can start by wiping down high touch surfaces such as phone screens, keyboards, and laptops with disinfectant wipes. This practice alone, along with regular washing of the hands, is an essential step to stay healthy and safe from the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Dave Price of Cornell Medical Center reminds us that if we follow these basic hygiene practices with diligence we are nearly certain to stay healthy during these uncertain times.


Keep Your Workplace Clean and Safe

At the workplace, we must rely on additional solutions to ensure that our shared electronic devices are safe to use. ChargeTech offers a solution for healthcare, education, and business professionals to reliably clean personal and shared electronic devices while they charge using the cleaning technology of UV light. 

Our Mobile UV Clean and Charge Carts are equipped with UV light bulbs to simultaneously clean and charge cell phones, tablets, and computers in a secure portable location. ChargeTech offers 20 Bay, 30 Bay, and 40 Bay unitswhich are in stock and ready to ship!

Get in touch with a ChargeTech representative today to keep yourself and your workplace safe, charged, and clean with an all-in-one solution.


UV Light Cart Sales to Support COVID-19 Response Fund

25% of all profits in the month of April will be donated directly to the COVID-19 Response Fund at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. All ChargeTech purchases including sales of UV Light Charging Carts will be providing essential relief to those affected by COVID-19 and support to those who are bravely working to contain its spread. Find out where your dollars are going at the CDP website