Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Phone Charging Station

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Charging stations came to rise to fulfill the growing battery loss anxiety that plague the majority of us.  Not only is it a mode of providing power to our smartphones/tablets, but businesses are now using them as a way to gain more customers, retain them, and improve revenue.  Statistics show that a customer will likely stay and spend more in an establishment with a charging station than in any other.

charging at a power stand charging station

Hospitals and universities have also engaged in this phenomenon and they now carry charging stations as well.  From healthcare professionals, patients and patient’s family members to students and school staff members alike, this has become a precious commodity.  It provides that sense of relief that there’s a battery saver nearby,

We all have numerous gadgets to charge every day and it seems like the number will just keep on rising.  Phone charging stations are not only valuable in business establishments, educational institutions, and hospitals but in our homes as well.  If we are going to use each of the chargers that our gadgets come with, we will constantly be seeing the mayhem of tangled wires and misplaced plugs - the reason why households are also purchasing these charging stations for home use.  

Before jumping into the bandwagon, here are the must-knows before buying a charging station:


The most important aspect of your hunt is looking for the most durable charging station out there.  You wouldn’t want something that’s always breaking down on you.  As many people would most probably be using your charging stations daily, you would need to buy a charging station that is built to stand the test of time.  


Security will always be an issue for people who are afraid that their data will be captured.  Also, the fact that they will be leaving their phones behind in a public place also may alarm them somehow for potential theft.  There are different charging stations designed to address these concerns.  An example of the safest way to charge is ChargeTech’s 8 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker  where each locker has a designated pin so gadgets are safely locked and the owners may freely leave their phones behind with peace of mind.

8 bay charging locker




Most charging stations both provide wiring for android and iOS devices in each slot.  This is something you must check beforehand to ensure that each slot can both charge Android and iOS devices regardless of how many charging space there are. An android user that will come to find only a cable for iOS would deem your charging station useless and vice versa.


Determining where to place your charging station should be done before you start your actual hunt.  You would want to know the exact location and the kind of space you want to place them.  It also helps that you determine the location so you would have an idea of the size of the charging station you are opting to buy.  Many establishments go for buying more than one charging station strategically placed across the establishment or facility to accommodate everyone who would want to use this service.


There are many types of charging stations in the market.  Manufacturers do offer different types and it will greatly depend on where you would want to place them.  A table top station is ideal for salons, coffee shops, and restaurants while a wall mounted and stand charging stations are better placed in offices, hospitals, and educational institutions.  It is best that you survey the exact location where you plan on putting them to make the correct choice. Click here for selection of ChargeTech charging stations


Size matters as what they say.  Whether it is the size of the space or the size of the charging stations, you need careful deliberation when it comes to this aspect.  Having an idea of the size of location will help you determine how big - or how small - the charging station needs to be.  The size does not necessarily mean capacity as there are charging stations out there that require minimal space but do accommodate more smartphones/tablets to be charged simultaneously. 

strategic location of charging stations

In Photo: ChargeTech Power Strip Charging Station


The brand of your charging station matters.  As with any piece of furniture or appliance, you would likely be inclined to buy from a brand/manufacturer that has a proven track record already when it comes to providing the best charging solution out there.  Looking into client feedback and reviews will most likely give you an overview on what to expect.  Also, researching on the institutions or establishments that carry the charging station brand will ultimately let you know if they are a reliable company to purchase from.  


Number of slots on different charging stations vary.  There are those that have as few as four to as many as twelve charging slots - or more.  Some manufacturers even offer customization for a cost.  You may need to consider this and look for charging stations that both offer Android and iOS cables in each slot.

ChargeTech’s Portable Battery Dock Charging Station 12


If you are a business looking to add this amazing service to your store or institution, knowing that customers may charge their phones on your establishment will create extra traffic.  Also, the time spent of the customers while awaiting their phone to finish charging will surely mean additional revenue for you.  If you are a customer looking for a place to eat or just plainly have a cup of joe, you would definitely prefer an establishment where you can charge your phone anytime than those that do not have this added service.  Hospitals also do place charging stations as an added service to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with hospitalization as nobody wouldn’t want to be without their phones in a hospital setting. If you're not ready to buy a charging station, and you're an organizer for event, trade show, conference or music festival, you may be interested in ChargeTech's rentals for phone charging stations.

charging beside a charging station


A company that keeps their customers in mind is something that you must look out for. This definitely should be one of your deciding factors before purchase.  It is not uncommon for a charging station to have a number of issues especially with prolonged usage and the number of customers that charge their phones on a daily basis.  Some minor issues with the charging cables or the unit itself may occur, and purchasing from a company that has the best after-sales service should be a priority.