Juice Up: 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop/Tablet Charging Cabinet

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Modern technology has evolved so much in the passing years and the need to keep up with the thousands of gadgets worldwide is crucial. With this in check, innovation has yet to cease and the standard one-is-to-one charger is re-engineered with the creation of a laptop/tablet charging cabinet. It is no question that quality comes above everything else whenever anyone would buy something and it should never be compromised.




Investing in a machine built to provide electrical juice to multiple gadgets involves a great deal of decision making. To consider buying a charging cabinet, you should already plan ahead and survey the existing number of gadgets that you, your employees, or your customers use. Considering the cost for individual gadget chargers to provide everyone will get you out of your budget in the long run, hence, investing in a charging machine that can simultaneously do the charging is very convenient as it is handy. Having this in mind will give you a lesser amount of time in your decision making process and will give you a better outlook on what to expect from your charging cabinet.

These are the things to keep in check when buying a charging cabinet for your home, business, or institution.


Once you are firm with the decision of buying a charging cabinet, you need to first consider the capacity of the cabinet. Enough room during charging hours should be considered because doing the charging simultaneously would naturally mean, start at the same time and finish at the same for all those gadgets involved, this idea would basically get ruined if you had space for ten laptops to charge but you need a couple of more than what you expected to store. Ensuring that the space is sufficient is a key factor in your hunt for the best charging cabinet that will fit your needs.


You have to make sure that the cabinet you are trying to buy fits the gadgets’ power requirements.  For example, some AC charging stations and carts are compatible with laptops, tablets such as iPad and Android, including smartphones. Being the intelligent customer who will pay loads for your satisfaction, being able to consider compatibility with your devices would mean a great deal is in store for you.

In addition, equipped with the technology to power devices, selected models provide different strategies of keeping the charging system in reducing the risk of electrical overload.


The cabinet specifications would vary with the gadgets that you are planning to stock within its walls and therefore the size of the cabinet would matter just like any other living room furniture. You have to consider the space that it will occupy in your workspace, not only that, the gadgets that you are storing in the cabinet given that they are laptops, would mean that the size of the charging station should be enough for all the laptops and should be enough to accommodate the gadgets if they are either Macs, or personal notebooks or netbooks. If you are only considering charging a handful of tablets, then your answer would be buying a smaller cabinet. Otherwise you’d go with a bigger option.


Customizability, durability, and structure would depend on a lot with the materials used for the charging cabinet. The common materials used are steel, laminate, and wood. Commonly, charging cabinets are being built with steel as they are very durable and are very hard in nature making them the persistent type against blows and falls and it would take a great deal to be able to break such products made of steel.   

Laminate charging cabinets being built on such would guarantee an owner that security is not an issue because the owner should know that any product being made with this kind of material offers less security, but looking on the bright side it is cheaper.  

Wood, the customizability of cabinets being made with wood offer a more rustic look and is made popular because of that, compared to steel, wood is only a second option on its durability.


Your chosen product should not only cater to your own physical preferences but it should also display and coincide with how efficient the security features are as it should be able to lock in your gadgets whenever you charge them and lock out possible intruder or theft. Being able to choose the right charging cabinet would also mean being able to choose what material is best for your purpose and that would mean security. What befalls a good charging cabinet would be to guarantee the safety of what may look like overly expensive products that are within its walls. This feature is very important because the product deals with keeping expensive gadgets in storage for a period of time that might be without the supervision of the owners.


Laptops and tablets tend to get from toasty warm to really hot within a couple of minutes of charging.  Multiple gadgets stored in one cabinet would contribute a lot to a warmer atmosphere and would mean without proper ventilation the temperature would rise and could result in overheated gadgets and would basically just ruin them.      

Gadgets nowadays are very sensitive to heat and the manufacturers make it a mission to apply a warning to people to always observe their gadgets when being recharged as it tends to get broken easily whenever exposed to long periods of hot temperature. Any charging cabinet without proper ventilation is a badly designed unit. Therefore, any option of considering to purchase such item would only be a one-way ticket to break your gadgets. Always look for a design that has good ventilation catered for your devices.



What to look for in a charging cabinet is the recharging feature as it should be able to accomplish the job that you wanted it to do. Here compatibility comes in, as selected models are for custom gadgets only and do not offer the recharging capability of juicing them up as they are not for those models. Connections also apply to the type of cables that the charging cabinet offers.        


Given this reason, the recharging capabilities are also about the number of connections that would be able to cater for your gadgets. The more connections that are made available, the better. A quick reminder, do look for the specific safety feature that would crash out charging overload off the equation so there is relief whenever you use all available connections.


A steel cabinet would definitely be heavier compared to a charging cabinet made of wood. You need to consider that the product is mobile as moving it around your workspace would be easier.  A cabinet featuring a set of wheels would really come in handy. A cabinet without wheels would mean that it would be stuck in a fixed position in your home or office and when the time comes that you would actually consider the need to move it, it would create a lot of hassle. Effort and time are wasted if that is the case. To be able to move it between rooms with ease would be quite the academic solution. Bottom line is, look for a charging cabinet with a set of wheels.


Given that you have already been able to digest everything needed to intelligently and responsibly purchase a charging cabinet, the last stopover would be your own personal preference over the product. This serves as the final mandatory thing that you have to consider as a paying customer because being able to buy a product that would fulfill your own standards is the conclusion that you would be looking for at the end of the day. In addition, what caters to your needs should come first and your wants as an option. The design for the product is an option but is a very important one to include in your buying preference.  Most importantly, vendors do also offer customization with an added cost.

Here, the build, the color and the existing structure of the charging cabinet should be considered. Being able to display it within your home or office with other people noticing it, would not only grant a good advertisement for a quality product but also adhere to the makers of the unit.


After all the considerations that you have made in purchasing your product of choice, you should consider the need to research and look for customer feedback over your prospective purchase. Reading feedback would give you a lot of things to think about before purchasing and this would definitely give you an overview of what to expect. A quick tip, regardless of any given customer feedback, all decisions to be made final is by you alone and should not stop from buying your product of choice as long as it meets quality and personal expectations.

The guarantee for a customer approved quality product is not only limited to the company that is producing and delivering the units, but both customer and client should be able to be on the same page to create feedback upon the use of their products.