Portable Power + UV-C Hub Solution | Solution for a safe workplace

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Schools, offices, and workplaces of all kinds are grappling with the challenge of returning to a sense of normalcy without endangering the health and safety of their students, coworkers, and employees. 

ChargeTech’s Portable Power and UV-C Hub System is a critical solution to this challenging task. By pairing ChargeTech’s industry-leading suite of portable power products with our next generation high-capacity UV-C Clean and Charge Carts, you could transition your workplace to a flexible, socially-distant model without permanent infrastructure changes. 
“ChargeTech’s Portable Power and UV-C Hub solution allows for flexible social distancing in the workplace all with a single wall outlet" - VP of Sales at ChargeTech

Our clients in education, such as Chris Steffich of Benchmark Properties who manages learning spaces for universities in the Chicago area have paired our portable power devices with our UV-C Clean and Charge hubs to transform the learning environment. 

a safe workplace

ChargeTech's 2nd Generation UV-C Clean and Charge Carts


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Mr. Steffich sourced our portable power devices to provide greater flexibility for university students and guests in his centers. "The ability for every guest to access power is a necessity," Mr. Steffich said, "yet the sources of power should not restrict how a space can be used and arranged." 

ChargeTech portable power packs, such as the high-capacity 27K and 54K units, remove the restriction imposed by traditional power outlets. "With ChargeTech portable power packs, our clients are empowered to transform their space in a way that fits their needs as opposed to being confined by their access to power," said Steffich, "and now, this is also a COVID solution, where flexibility in learning environments has proven to be essential to keep people safe."
"With ChargeTech portable power packs, our clients are empowered to transform their space in a way that fits their needs as opposed to being confined by their access to power" -Chris Steffich, Benchmark Properties

These UV-C Clean and Charge hubs provide a centralized location to store and charge up to 40 portable power devices at once while running a five-minute UV disinfection cycle to clean the portable power device before being handed off to the next user.

This all-encompassing two-step solution is an essential component of any post-covid working environment. 

Managing a large number of portable power devices can be burdensome. And further, unless disinfected properly, portable power packs themselves can harbor germs and bacteria on their surfaces. That is why Mr. Steffich and many more of our clients in education pair their ChargeTech Portable Power Products with our next-generation UV-C charging solutions.

The interior of ChargeTech's 2nd Generation UV-C Clean and Charge Carts is equipped with highly reflective stainless steel siding for improved UV exposure


Next Generation UV-C


ChargeTech has just released the second generation of our best-selling UV-C carts. This generation comes with highly reflective stainless steel interior siding to increase the internal reflection and overall exposure to UV-C. By creating a more reflective interior, we have effectively increased the amount of UV-C exposure items inside the device will receive.

That means that portable power packs or any other technology device that is being charged by your UV-C Clean and Charge Cart will be disinfected by the UV-C light at a more effective rate. 

Using patented chemical-free disinfection and high-capacity portable power units, you can transform your space to allow students and employees back to work without compromising on health and safety. 

If you want to learn more about our UV-C and portable power solutions, please reach out to us here.