Best Portable Power Outlets 2021

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Portable Power Outlets: Now More than Ever

Portable power is important. Advances in portable power have completely revolutionized the way people interact with and utilize technology. In the not-so-distant past, devices like phones and computers could only be used when connected to a wall-mounted AC outlet. However, with portable power technology improving by the day, our dependence on constant wall-mounted power has been greatly reduced. 

Improvements in battery capacity and power delivery systems (PD) allow for greater storage, faster charging, and the ability to charge more devices at once from a single portable power unit. The fact that a person can keep multiple personal devices fully charged while completely off the grid is, in and of itself, revolutionary. 

Thankfully, these advances could not have been more timely. As we enter the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for versatile, trustworthy portable power outlets has never been greater. In adapting to this new, unprecedented world, we have all had to alter the way we interact with one another. 

We now rely on computers and cellphones more than ever before to accomplish tasks such as going to school or looking at a menu that have traditionally been analog activities. Also, with the need for social distancing, we often have to use our computer or cell phones in unusual places, such as outdoors, at a restaurant, or from a predetermined distance where an outlet did not already exist. 

Portable power permits us to remain virtually connected to our friends, family, teachers, coworkers, and more without having to remain near a wall outlet at all times. Mandated social distancing will not be expunged any time soon, so our ability to learn or work from anywhere is paramount. Furthermore, in today’s world, one of uncertainty and strife, the bit of freedom that portable power provides is more important than ever.

CharegeTech’s latest generation of Portable Power Outlets is expertly equipped to aid you with any of your power needs. We offer a wide range of power-storage and size options to ensure that there is a Portable Power Outlet for everyone. When it comes to finding a portable power source that fits your specific need, ChargeTech Portable Power is the perfect solution


ChargeTech Portable Power Outlets

ChargeTech offers a wide variety of Portable Power Outlet (PPO) options. In total, we offer six different types of PPO. Each PPO is a different size, with a size corresponding to the duration of time that it can charge your device (measured in milliamp hours). Below you will find a list of our PPO offerings along with prices and detailed descriptions. 


1. Portable Power Outlet 27K 4.0

ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet 27K

ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet 27K -$149

The 27K 4.0 is the next generation of our best-selling AC Outlet 27,000mAh Portable Powerchargers. This product delivers hours of battery life in a compact and durable body to reliably power laptops, tablets, cellphones, and more.

The 27K 4.0 now comes with an increased output of 100 Watts via the AC outlet, a fast-charging USB-C output, and a redesigned minimalistic aluminum body.

For more information and specifications on the Portable Power Outlet 27K, click the button below. 


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2. Portable Power Outlet AM 27K 4.0 

ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet AM 27K


ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet AM 27K - $169

The AM 27K 4.0 is an  AC Outlet 27,000mAh Portable Power charger that comes wrapped in antimicrobial film. It is the world’s first PPO to have antimicrobial protection. Equipped with all of the features of the original 27K 4.0 PPO, the AM 27K 4.0 goes one step further by actively killing microbes.

The AM 27K 4.0 provides always-on passive protection against microbes, bacteria, and viruses already on your device via a silver-based additive that favorably binds to microbial DNA. This additive kills the microbes and prevents more from growing, is human safe, and is designed to provide up to 5 years of constant germicidal protection.

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3. 40K AC Battery Pack

ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet 40K

ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet 40K - $179

Stronger and longer-lasting than the 27K series, the  AC Outlet 40,000mAh Portable Charger is perfect for longer use or for when you need to charge something a bit larger than a laptop. Whether you work remotely, camp, or plan on taking your next exciting road trip, the Portable Power Outlet 40 is ready to power you through it all. Every emergency and disaster kit should include a Portable Power Supply to provide power when it is needed most.

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4. 54K Dual AC Battery Pack 

ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet 54K


ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet 54K - $279

The Portable Power Supply 54K is the first truly portable AC power bank that allows you to power anything, anywhere. Laptops, lights, phones, tablets, televisions, radios, speakers, and more. This dual   AC Outlet 54,000mAh Portable Charger is truly unique in its strength and versatility. The 54K is compatible with any device that requires 250 watts or less through a standard wall plug (provides two AC wall outlets). Also, it is compatible with all USB devices.

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The Best Portable Battery Pack Power Outlets

At ChargeTech, we provide the highest quality PPOs and power stations for a wide range of uses. The 27K, 40K, and 54K are our best-selling products because they so well combine form and function. 

ChargeTech PPO 27K Features


ChargeTech PPO 40K Features

The Portable Power Outlet 27K 4.0 is incredibly unique because it fits so many outlets into a small, sleek design. It supplies 27,000 mAh of electric power through a multitude of ports. The 27K has both a 100 Watt AC outlet and a 60 Watt USB-C port. It also comes with two 2.4 Amp USB ports. With this variety of ports, the 27K has nearly limitless applications and can charge all personal electronic devices. 

ChargeTech PPO 40K Features


ChargeTech PPO 40K Features

The Portable Power Outlet 40K builds upon the 27K. It, too, comes with an AC outlet, a USB-C port, and two USB ports. It supplies 40,000mAh of electric power, and has an LED display that tells the user its battery capacity. If you are looking to charge slightly larger devices for longer, the 40K is perfect for you. 

ChargeTech PPO 54K Features

ChargeTech PPO 54K Features

Finally, the Portable Power Outlet 54K is the largest of our Portable Power Outlets. Supplying 54,000 mAh of eclectic power, the 54K comes equipped with two AC outlets, two USB ports, and one USB-C outlet. The 54K is strong enough to charge multiple personal electronic devices at one time, or power larger electronic devices. Furthermore, it comes with an LED display which shows its battery capacity. With this multitude of practical features, it is no wonder why our 27K, 40K, and 54K PPOs are so popular. 


AC USB Portable Power Outlet for Social Distancing

No one knows where the pandemic will take us next and what the future may hold. Yet, we do know that, eventually, in-person learning and working must resume. Absorption of information and general productivity have both been shown to improve in a classroom or office environment.

As such, schools have already begun bringing children back, and workplaces are beginning to reopen. However, one problem still remains: the static, crowded work or school environment is highly conducive to the spread of Covid-19.

Portable Power offers a fantastic alternative to the static workplace--it allows children or employees to use their devices anywhere in a given room. A central tenet of the static classroom or office is the condensing of people around hardwired power outlets. More often than not, there are more people than outlets, and people tend to congregate. In the Covid-19 world, this can be very dangerous.

ChargeTech PPO & Education

ChargeTech PPOs allow schools and workplaces to comply with social distancing guidelines

Portable Power offers a solution for both children and workers. Equipped with a Portable Power Outlet, work can be fluid. Students or employees can set up their personal electronic devices from anywhere in a room. This permits social distancing and helps stop the spread of Covid-19. If you would like to read more about Portable Power as a social distancing solution, you can read our white paper  here.