5 Reasons Why We Love the 40K Portable Power Pack

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ChargeTech Team Favorite - Portable Power Pack

For the last 10 years, ChargeTech has been known for leading the way in portable power. From our low-profile Thin Charge cellphone battery cases all the way up to our behemoth 125K Power Station, ChargeTech customers have relied on our portable power packs for needs of all kinds.  

Over this time, however, one product has emerged as a personal favorite for our whole team due to its versatility, efficiency, size, and power, the 40K AC Portable Power Pack.

The 40K AC Portable Power Pack boasts an AC wall-charger style outlet meaning you can plug in any computer, device, or appliance without any need for special cables along with two USB outputs and one USB-C output for super-fast charging. Now on sale for $209, this unit is truly best in class.  

When speaking with the ChargeTech team, we all came to a consensus that this product is our number one go-to device. Here are five reasons why we always have it on hand.  


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5 Reasons Why We Love the 40K AC Portable Power Pack

1. Efficiency: The most power per cubic inch of any AC portable power pack on the market. 

That’s right, the ChargeTech 40K AC PPO packs the strongest punch per cubic inch of any PPO (personal power unit) in its class.  

The 40K unit provides .91 Ah of battery capacity per in³. Not only is that the most efficient and powerful use of space out of our line of PPO products, but it is the most power per in³ out of any AC portable power pack on the market today! 

That means that if you want the best all-around battery pack to meet any task, you can’t go wrong with the 40K unit. 


2. Size: The Goldilocks of Power Packs.  

We know the 40K Portable Power Pack is both powerful and efficient, but beyond that, its size is just right. Sitting at 8 x 5.5 x 1 inches, the 40K AC PPO is the size of a hard cover book.  

Small enough to hold comfortably in your hand, but large enough to know it’s got the power for any job, this product is the Goldilocks of Portable Power Packs. 

You can carry your 40K in any sized bag and set it up on even the smallest tables next to your laptop without overcrowding your workstation.  

Not too big not too small, the 40K is just right. 

3. Laptop Friendly: This is an Essential Work Companion 

Our customers use the 40K AC PPO to power just about everything. Cameras, cellphones, drones, tablets, toasters. This unit’s got serious range. Yet if there is one thing we feel the 40K is perfectly suited for, it is charging laptops. 

Nowadays, as we’ve all adjusted to working remotely in more fluid working scenarios, we must be able to comfortably work from anywhere. Flexibility is a must to keep ourselves safe while complying with the ever-changing health recommendations.  

Unfortunately, however, our laptops are not always as free-roaming as we would like. The constant need to recharge and the disappointing short battery life in most major laptops means that you are constantly tied down to a hard wall connection even when your laptop itself is not. 

With the 40K AC Portable Power Pack, or any of our PPOs, that is no longer the case. The 40K AC Portable Power Pack provides enough battery for multiple laptop battery charges depending on the size of your computer. Meaning that you can work all day long without needing a hard connection to a wall. 

This has proven to be an essential tool in the COVID workplace where we often need to create distance between ourselves and our colleagues that is not allowed by typical power outlets. Check out our full article on recommendations for the post-COVID workplace and how portable power units can help keep you and your employees stay safe at work.  

And again, the 40K AC PPO sits comfortably alongside your laptop on your desk, table, our countertop, providing all-day power in a compact, sleek body. 

4. Travel Built: Never leave home without it 

Based on everything you’ve heard so far, is it surprising that the 40K AC PPO is our ultimate travel companion? 

Compact, efficient, powerful. That is the making of a travel necessity.  

Whether on a road trip, a cross-country business trip, or out and about for the day, the 40K AC PPO is an essential everyday carry for the traveling person. 

The 40K provides more than enough power to maintain your entertainment source on a long plane ride or recharge your camera on a road trip. And if you like to work on your computer outside, this product is a must.

For those with kids, this unit ensures that their movie or videogame will never die out right when you need it most. You're traveling companions will thank you for that.  

Best of all, thanks to its compact and efficient build, this unit is right at home in-and-out of your bag as you work on the go all day from meetings to cafes and back.  

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5. Let’s not forget... it looks great too 

Finally, we can never forget, the 40K AC Portable Power Pack looks as good as it is powerful. The sleek matte black finish, low profile build, and minimalist LCD display make the 40K AC PPO stand its own next to your favorite technology device.  

Need any other reasons to love this product? Cause we don’t. That’s why we stand by it as our go-to unit for everyday use whether we’re at home, at the office, or on the go. 

Speak to a ChargeTech representative today to discuss enterprise pricing and customization for large orders, or if you just want to chat, we’re ready to talk.  


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