NYC Mobile Phone Charging Taxi Cab.. PROBLEMS!!

The taxi cab of the future has been in the news recently. Known as the Nissan NV200, the new taxi will roll out in 2013 and features overhead lamps, antibacterial upholstery, moon roofs and phone charging outlets.... wait... did you say phone charging outlets? Yes! Pretty cool right? But who carries around a cell phone charger with them? Whats the point of having a phone charging outlet if you don't have a cell phone charger or cell phone charging station to go with it?


Solution? Putting actual cell phone chargers in these taxi cabs for people to use! But what if everybody has different cell phones, no problem, use a universal cell phone charger. If every taxi cab had a ChargeTech can imagine where people would go when they need to charge their phone? It's a genius idea since there isn't a major restaurant chain that has adopted cell phone charging stations yet. Let your voice be heard and ask your local restaurant, bar, coffee shop and now taxi driver if they offer ChargeTech, the 10 in 1 fast cell phone charger that's perfect for people on the go. People need a solution to the ever growing "My Cell Phone Died" problem, just ask our 15K followers on Twitter.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the taxi was designed from the inside out to become the safest, most comfortable, most passenger friendly cab to ever ride in New York.

The new vehicle is not a hybrid electric car though which requires electric charging stations. Other cities are catching on to going green.

In 2010, Los Angeles began an initiative to make 80 percent of the taxi fleet greener by 2015, and in Boston a federal judge struck down a mandate in 2009 that would require a complete switch to hybrid vehicles. The problem in the infrastructure is setting up electric car charging stations throughout the city to support these vehicles.