Tips on how to Last Longer.... Your Cell Phone that is

1. The no-brainer. Turn off your phone. Didn’t think you would come up with that one did you? Obviously turning off your phone would conserve battery power, but did you know that it would help charge your phone? Also if you’re in it with the times and have a smart phone, searching for service depletes battery life very quickly. Yes, this is mostly directed to all of you iPhone users of AT&T. Anyhow, most phones have an automatic power save feature but it takes 30 minutes with no service to kick in. Also, if all you know you don’t want to be receiving calls and messages but want to be able to use other functions on your phone such as the camera, or the ipod function, why not just put your phone in flight mode


2. Turn off the vibration mode. Believe it or not making your phone vibrate simultaneously with the ringtone will cause your phone a lot of battery life. There are other purchases you can make that can have the sole purpose of vibrating


3. Turn off your phones backlight when it’s not in use. The backlight makes it easier to read with you are outside (when it is bright). If you can get by without using the light then it will save you a lot of battery life.

4. Don’t use unnecessary features on your phone. Even if you snap a couple of shots on your camera will drain your battery life. Don’t open applications that are not critical for you to use.

5. Don’t have long calls. You know when you’re on the phone and you hear the depletion of your phone in the form of “beep beep beep.” Why is it that people tend to continue having a conversation? You know you’re guilty of this. Just get off the phone, end the call and blame it on your phone. It’s also a great excuse.

6. Turn off Bluetooth. This is a function that most people just have on for the sake of having on. It takes up SO much of your battery. Turn. It. Off.

7. For you android users, did you know that using a moving or animated background for your phone takes up so much battery? Sure it looks cool… but would you rather have a “cool” looking phone for 5 hours or a phone that lasts 10 hours? This isn’t too obvious to too many people, but whenever your phone is dying even changing the color of the background will help. AMOLED screen use a lot less power displaying black instead of white.

8. Use a fast cell phone charger. ChargeAll's 10 in 1 tip technology also features fast charging technology. That's 2 times faster than a Blackberrycharger and 50% faster than an iPhone charger.

9. Look for a free cell phone charging station. In fact, ChargeAll is already placing our free cell phone charging station in thousands of hotels, bars, coffee shops and restaurants around the world!