How to Buy Best Portable Charger

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Apr. 21, 2015

Biggest Problem of Smart phones


Smart phones are improving day by day, every year companies introduce a new version of their Smart phone. Smart phones are getting smarter but still not powerful enough for as much as we are using them. Because of this reason users face a huge problem with Smart phone. What is this serious problem? It is pretty easy to guess if you're a regular Smart phone user, low battery!

Simple Solutions

Since users have realized this problem, they started to create solutions for this problem. Some of them add an extra pocket to their pants for a cable and adapter, some of them created a fashionable version for their solution; a cable and adapter necklace. These are all creative, but not proper solutions.

Finally the real engineers and some technology companies noticed this problem. So they started to create a lot of alternatives for charging Smart phones; external batteries, solar chargers; car charger, portable cables, charger cases, keychain chargers etc.

There are thousands of different models

Today, almost everyone who has Smart phone is buying portable batteries to avoid this problem. There are thousands of alternatives of portable batteries; we hope this article can help people who want to buy portable chargers figure out which one is best and which one is stronger.


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First of all the user must decide what is important; performance, size or appearance. Users can find all kind of shapes, colors and sizes of portable chargers but these do not pertain to the quality of the product itself. The larger chargers have more power than smaller ones.

Is it strong enough?

The capacity of portable chargers is the most important aspect of the product. Capacity measures in milliamp hours (mAh). The higher the capacity, the more charging time the device has. For example an iPhone 5 has 1,440mAh battery capacity inside and with a 6,600mAh portable charger it is possible up to 4X. If a user wants to charge an iPad it is better to buy high a capacity charger.

Another important aspect is amperage. Amperage shows the power of the outlet. For example, it is impossible to charge the iPads with the USB port of a computer because the amperage of the computer's USBs are not powerful enough for the iPads. Generally for charging mobile devices, 1A is necessary for mobile phones and a 2A charger is necessary for tablets.

Importance of Quality

In the market there are a lot of portable chargers, some of them are really high quality and most of them not much. The quality of the product depends on its components and the batteries inside. The best batteries are AE lithium-ion cell batteries, these have 500 charging cycles.


It is always easy to find some chargers for a couple of bucks, but normally these kinds of chargers do not hold a full charge and sometimes the companies are putting fake mAh information on their products, misleading the consumer. To get full performance and a long life time for a product, it is better to spend little bit more for high quality portable chargers.

Today this is a really busy market and everyday people are finding new types of portable chargers with various different features. Some of these chargers have a really big capacity and some of them have different amperage outputs.

More Than a Portable Charger

ChargeTech, the industry leader of charging solutions, created a portable charger. There are two versions of this product, 12,000mAh, 18,000mAh and 24,000 mAh. This product is different than the others because this is World’s Smallest Portable Power Outlet. Thanks to this product, users are carrying not only their chargers but they are also carrying their power outlet due to the fact that ChargeTech has not only made this product powerful but beautifully unique in design as well.