ChargeTech and other products

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Apr. 21, 2015

Solution of Industry Leader

Today almost all of the smartphone owners are thinking the same problem. This problem is weak battery of the powerful devices. Average smartphone users are charging their devices at least two times every day. It means the people are always carrying their adapter cables etc. Percentage of the battery makes the people insane; everyone is checking their percentage to keep their devices turned on.

Since charging is a serious problem for the people, the companies started to solve this problem with hundreds of different way. Some of them produced external batteries; some of them produced charging cases or charging stations for public places.

Elegant and Useful Wall Mount


ChargeTech is the industry leader in phone charging solutions. Wall Mount Phone Charging Station is one of the products of the ChargeTech. This is high quality ChargeTech product and thanks to this charging station the people can charge 8 different devices in the same time, it is compact, elegant and convenient. There are two version of this product the other version is Power Floor Stand Charging Station. The main difference between these two products is one of these is floor stand and the other one is suitable for wall mounted.
These charging stations are extremely useful for colleges, hospitals, airports, universities and the other public places. Also both of these charge stations are perfect place for publishing for your own advertisements and fully customizable for it.

There are 8 different cables included with Charging Station 4 of these are suitable for micro-USB 3 of them for new generations of Apple (iPhone 5 or newer) and the other one is for older version of Apple devices. For Power Floor Stand Charging Station, the weight is 50 lbs. and the size is 51 in x 19 in x 7 in. For Wall Mount Phone Charging Station, the weight is 6 lbs. and the size for this product is 19 in x 13 in x 2.5 in.

What are the others doing?

There are some competitors for ChargeTech stations. These are MobileVision Universal Multi-Device Charging Station, Avantree Powerhouse Multi Device USB Charging Station, ORICO Desktop Charging Station, InFuse standing from the company Incharged and Zeus Charging Station from GoCharge.


There are two version of InFuse one of them is InFuse Standing and the other one is InFuse. InFuse Standing is the biggest version of the product. This company added a screen for their charger stand to put some commercial and advertisement. Also they are using their stands as a billboard and the customers can publish their own commercials with the help of HD screen.

For Infuse HD, the weight 12 lbs. and the sizes for this product are 18.5 in x 17.5 in x 3 in. The size of the screen is 19 in. On the other hand the weight for InFuse Stand 23 lbs. for only charger station and additional stand is 11 lbs. so; totally InFuse Stand is 34 lbs.


The other charging station is Zeus Charging Station, GoCharge. There are 10 different spaces for charging phones, 8 spaces for mobile phones and 2 for the tablets also it is possible to add 28 in screen on top of the station. These are open bay charging station but there are also producing the locked version of Zeus it calls Atlas.

Zeus is 150 lbs. charging station this is the heaviest one so far. The size of the station is, 60 in x 26 in x 5 in. Also this charger station comes with 1 year charging cords warranty and 2 years station warranty.

Power Tower is the other competitor of ChargeTech in this subject. They are manufacturing 3 types of charging stations. These are City, Smart and Classic. City model has 50 in touchscreen and this is suitable for some corner in metropolis cities. Mostly the screen is using as a photo booth or social media posting. Also this screen can be used as advertisement billboard. Smart is the other model of the company and the main difference between Smart and City is the size of the screen. Smart has smaller screen it has 23 in screen. The third model of this company is Classic. Classic is without screen public charger. It has 12 charging outlets and two USB external female connections. This one is the first model of the company.

Actually they look so similar charging stations and the charging kiosks. The main difference between Kiosks and charging stations; is locking shelves. Charging stations are good for more controllable. But the kiosks are good for every place because the people can lock their mobile devices inside of the kiosk. It is safer than charging stations.


Most Intelligent Kiosk So Far

ChargeTech created Phone Charging Kiosk CK 5. It is more than a Kiosk because it includes new generation wireless charger inside of the kiosk. This Charging Kiosk accepts cash and credit card. It has very large range for the devices the people can charge all kind of mobile devices with this. It has also LCD Screen for advertisement. This smart kiosk can offer some surveys or memberships to you to get free charging after signing up or complete the survey. In this way the people who are owner of the kiosk can get a lot of information about the customer’s behavior and demography of the customers.

This charging kiosk is suitable for all outside places like ATM machines, but especially airports, railway stations, shopping centers and hotels. There are a lot of functions of this kiosk these are Ethernet Wi-Fi connections, Password lock, credit card reader, coin box or bank note reader, advertisement broadcast remotely controllable and management interface remotely controllable.pic6


There are some different kiosks from different companies. Veloxity is one of these, they have two different model of charging locked kiosk one of them is wall mounted and the other one is stand position. Stand position model has 6 individual lockers and the other one has 4 individual lockers. Both of these models has 19 in LCD screen and configured with remote access for screen to arrange advertisement on LCD screens. Also this device accepts credit card for paying but it is not accepting bills.

Parabit is other company which they are producing charging kiosks. They have 2 version of this kiosk these are Mercury 4 Bay and Mercury 6 Bay. This is also another secure way to charge mobile devices. Mercury 4 Bay and Mercury 6 Bay accommodate all kind of tablets mp3 players and mobile phones.