Mobile Charging Stations

Improve the guest experience and employee productivity with charging stations.

Providing complementary charging stations perfect in lobbies and public spaces creates customer engagement and satisfaction.

SKU: CT-300124

Charging Tables

Hightop Power Table

SKU: CT-30128
SKU: CT-300123

Charging Stations

Pop-Up Power Table

SKU: CT-300125
SKU: CT-300119
SKU: CT-300061
SKU: CT-300024

Charging Stations

Power Stand Charging Station

SKU: CT-300016
SKU: CT-300114
SKU: CT-300085

Charging Carts & Lockers

6 Bay Touchscreen Charging Locker

SKU: CT-300057
SKU: CT-300017

Stay plugged in wherever you roam. Innovative charging stations for electronics: Easily charge mobile devices, phones, laptops and tablets. A charging bank is a useful addition to any lobby, airport, hospital, education center or library. Offer guests, clients or customers the ability to get directions, take pictures or post reviews.