Hollywood Hotspots Pink Taco and Fuku Burger using ChargeAll

  • 1 min read

Two of the trendiest restaurants in Los Angeles are now using ChargeAll charging stations. Fuku Burger and Pink Taco are some of the first restaurants in the area to offer free cell phone chargers to their guests. It has been a tremendous success so far, and the customers at both restaurants are very happy with the new amenities. Chad Weiner, of Pink Taco said, “Customers are ecstatic that we have the ability to charge their cell phones”.

Staying innovative and offering cutting edge amenities are always on the mind of restaurant owners. It's no surprise, just how important cell phones are. The addition of these cell phone chargers into bars and restaurants is really inevitable and just a natural and logical progression of restaurant trends. Pink Taco and Fuku burger are the frontrunners to what will eventually be in every single restaurant, lounge, bar, coffee shop and probably nail salon. Pink Taco and Fuku Burger are evidence these cell phone chargers are something that everyone needs. People rely on cell phones for all different aspects of their life; personal and work. It's a vital part of our day. Weiner also said, “ChargeAll fits in perfectly with the atmosphere of Pink Taco, It’s a restaurant as well as a bar and when people come for happy hour after work they get a drink and charge their cell phones”. 

So far the addition of the ChargeAll stations in Los Angles restaurants has been a big success we hope to see more of these soon.