Coachella Music Festival Camping Tips

The weekend has come. The weekend that can be dubbed greater than Christmas, Easter, and quite possibly the creation of the universe. Brace yourself, the weekend of Coachella has arrived. We have compiled a list of tips you should pay heed to in order to survive Coachella. And by survive, I mean you don’t have a viral video of yourself posted worldwide of you humping a tree.


1. HAVE A CHARGED PHONE AT ALL TIMES – This festival is huge, you need your friends or people may let you get too acquainted with a tree and post viral videos of you that will inevitably ruin the future and give you the label of #ultratreehumpinggirl. But now you must be wondering, well how am I going to have a charged phone while living in the desert with the most basic amenities of life stripped away from me? Well, this year Coachella will be providing Free Cell Phone Charging Stations that are open to the public, so – there will be no excuse for you to be humping a tree.

2. Have A Gameplan - Coachella is a huge festival. Make a plan of who you want to see and when they are playing. Don’t expect it to not be hectic and not to be pushed around, but you will. Embrace it. Keep a printed out copy of the map and the set list ready.

3. Book A Place To Stay Early - Be sure you know where you want to stay before you head to Coachella. From first-hand experience – going with the usual “well we’ll just see how it goes” agenda DOESN’T WORK. The tents become similar to that of a refugee camp and you see lone stranglers trying to find a place to sleep for the night. Just picture the #WalkingDead in real life.

4. Don't Drive In To The Festival - The parking lot at coachella and the traffic back ups that happen in it are worthy of legend. Stories of 5-8 hour waits, stand stills and poorly marked sections and more should be enough to make you look for alternative options. If you don’t want to be trapped in your car for the duration of the show, do NOT drive in to the festival.

4. Don't Be An Idiot- Yes, it is an event, and yes, you are in the desert, but that doesn’t give you leeway to act like an idiot. The cops will be expecting to put up with some of your drunken antics, but as we all know, cops are assholes. Just, be smart when you’re partying if you don’t want to be taken to jail.

5. Dress For The Desert - If you know anything about deserts you would know that the weather is extremely temperamental. Deserts get way hot by day and very cold by night. We're talking upper 80's by day and lower 50's at night. Definitely pack extra clothes you can layer on at night.

6. Go With A Group - Don't Be Afraid To Split Up Partying and concerts are always more fun when you are with a group of friends but don't be scared to split up for a while and go check out stuff they aren't into. Make a meeting spot and pick a time then venture into the crowds. Chances are you will meet some cool new people to boot. Know how you will do this? BY USING THE FREE CHARGING STATIONS.. cool!Dada Life…. More like…phone battery life. Know what else is “ded” other than Zed? His phone.