Keep Fans Charged & Engaged

The experiences that people get from attending live sporting events are much different than anything you can watch on TV. Millions of fans attend live sporting events around the world every year to feel the excitement and adrenaline of cheering for their teams in person. The highest attending sporting leagues in the US every year are the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL. Major League Baseball alone had 73 million people in attendance in 2016 alone. With so many people attending yearly, investing in providing new amenities that enhance the viewing experience is the best way to attract even more fans, encourage repeat visits to future events, and increase guest engagement.

Stadium Phone Charging Stations

These days, people everywhere are obsessed with making memories and sharing them through social media. Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook are the perfect outlets to share everlasting experiences with friends and followers around the world. Providing charging stations for your dedicated fans to keep their phones charged for the big game is the perfect way to make sure they stay connected and happy. They can record and share the game-winning home-run, touchdown, or buzzer beater without the fear of their phone dying halfway through which can create anger, anxiety, and frustration. Make sure your guests can always charge up their phones by adding charging stations in public areas, VIP suites, patios, and bars and restaurants.

With 85% and rising of people that attend these events owning smartphones, it’s up to you to provide new and innovative technology that meets the needs of your guests. ChargeTech provides multiple solutions that fit every need and situation you can think of. From compact tabletop stations, wall-mounted stations, digital signage and media stations, free-standing stations, and even furniture charging stations, ChargeTech has it all. If we don’t have the solution you’re looking for, we can even work with you to build it. With ChargeTech, you can make sure your customers are always at 100%.

Top 5 Venue Reasons

  • Enhance Event Attendee & Venue Visitor Experience
  • Keep Guests Charged and Connected
  • Increase Awareness with Custom Branding
  • Encourage Reviews & Improve Online Reputation
  • Improve Retention and Incentivise Future Ticket Sales
  • Drive Foot Traffic to Designated Areas
  • Support Social Media Sharing and Promote Posting

US adult internet users accessing sports content on mobile at least weekly:

75%. Meanwhile, 36% checked out sports content via a mobile device at least once a day.

85% of event attendees have smartphones with them.

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Live Event Charging Solutions

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Charging Carts & Lockers

6 Bay Pin Code Charging Locker


“The charging lockers we purchased for the public areas in the stadium have been a huge hit. Since most people are watching the game anyway, they can leave their phone locked up to charge and feel safe.”

“Our VIP guests have been asking for a way to charge their phones for a while now and we finally decided to do something about it. Every suite now has a charging station.”


“We did our research and decided to go with ChargeTech.  Our students are loving the new Floor Stand Charging Stations!  We will be rolling out these units throughout the rest of our campus.”

Why ChargeTech?

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More hospitals choose ChargeTech.  We’re the brand that more healthcare providers choose, including Hospital Corporation of America, Department of Veteran Affairs, Kaiser Permanente, Tenet Health and many many more!

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Best selection of charging stations. We offer the best selection of charging lockers, charging stations, charging tables, desktop charging stations, and portable charging solutions out there!  If we don’t have what you need, we’ll make it.

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Value for your money.  Every ChargeTech product is built with the customer in mind.  We adopt the latest technology and are always innovating and improving our products to meet the highest standards.

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Competitive pricing.  We believe that free charging should be everywhere and everyone should have access.  We offer the best pricing on charging solutions and will beat anyones pricing.