Universal Phone Charger – Charge 10 Devices / Smartphones


universal phone charger
Universal Phone Charger – Charge 10 Devices / Smartphones


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The Universal Phone Charger Station Squid with 10 cables

The perfect smartphone charger for businesses with little space or that don’t like the intrusiveness of a universal mobile charging station. It fits perfectly on any desktop or furniture piece while providing your guests with a convenient way to charge Apple (iPhones), Android (Samsung, Google, Moto) and more.

It has three Apple Lightning cables (iPhone 5 and newer devices), three Micro-USB cables (android devices), three Type-C (newer devices), and one USB port (to plug in any USB cable) to charge most cell phones and tablets on the market.

It’s an easy-to-use product that’s plug-and-play right out of the box like any other mobile phone charger. The universal mobile charging station cables are 6 feet long to give easier access charging.

SKU: CT-300058
Model: V10

Also Available: 4 Cable Version

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