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Why is Phone Disinfection so Important?

Why is Phone Disinfection so Important? 

Did you know that, according to the Pew Research Center, 97% percent of Americans own and regularly use a cell phone? In addition, that 92% of all cell phones harbor harmful bacteria like MRSA and E. Coli? This means that roughly 293 Million Americans are at risk of being exposed to potentially harmful microbes via their cell phone at any given time without realizing it. 

Despite the potential health risks of carrying a germ minefield in your pocket at all times, most cellphone users are unaware of the potential dangers associated with the germs that infest the touch screens and cases of their electronic devices. This is why phone disinfection remains so important for cellphone users. But not all methods of cellphone disinfection are totally effective at keeping users’ phones germ-free.

ChargeTech’s line of UV-C and Antimicrobial products help keep cellphones and other electronic devices like laptops and tablets safe from harmful microbes. Products like the Swift UV, Swift Disinfecting Station, and UV Clean & Charge AC Carts use UV-C technology to keep electronic devices clean and bacteria free, letting users rest easy over the safety of their electronic devices. Disinfecting your cellphone is an important aspect of being a smartphone owner and ChargeTech products make the process easy with our UV-C equipped product line.

The Swift UV disinfects cellphones in seconds

Just How Dirty is Your Cellphone’s Screen? 

Especially during the era of COVID-19 and heightened awareness of the affects of bacteria and pathogens on everyday life, it is necessary to understand what makes cell phone disinfection so important. An article from Healthline has this to say on the subject: 

“Touch screens on our devices are an often overlooked source of microbes that can be brought into our personal space,” noted Dr. David Westenberg, associate professor of biological sciences at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Westenberg goes on to say that if every person thoroughly washed their hands before touching their cellphone, this would be sufficient for keeping a smart phone clean. However, in his words, this is “impractical,” and does not take into account the myriad places cellphone users need access to their phone, including airports, shopping malls, grocery stores and other locations where a high volume of people encounter a large amount of microbes on a daily basis. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about more scrutiny on hand-washing, face-covering and personal hygiene, increased hand-sanitization and washing does not keep cellphone screens and cases entirely safe from harmful microbes.

Phone Disinfection
People touch their phone screens all the time. On average, according to research firm DSCOUT, people touch their cellphone screen 2,617 times a day, which makes it imperative to keep cell phones clean and disinfected, lest these bacteria be transferred from person to person. In the same Healthline article Dr. Westenberg says that wiping down the touch screens and plastic cases for cellphones with disinfecting agents is imperative for health and hygiene and should be a part of every smartphone user’s routine.

However, cleaning wipes/sprayable cleaning products can actually be corrosive to the cell phone itself. Some cleaning products can damage or corrode the metal and glass components of a cell phone, making them less durable over the course of their life-spans and leaving the device more susceptible to breaking. The FCC recommends a variety of different ways of keeping your cellphone clean beyond just using cleaning products, including the following:

  • When outside of your home, keep your phone in your pocket, purse or car.
  • When shopping, use a written shopping list, not a list kept on your smartphone.
  • Use a credit card for payment, preferably a contactless one, and not the mobile pay option on your smartphone.
  • After being in public places, only touch your phone after you have washed or sanitized your hands or removed gloves you have worn.
  • Use a hands-free device when making calls so that your phone is not pressed against your face or face mask.

Beyond utilizing these basic measures from the FCC, ChargeTech products with UV-C technology can be used disinfect your cellphone in a manner that is safe and effective for the device, without wearing down the protective coating on the screens of smartphones as bleach and alcohol based cleaning solutions do. With ChargeTech UV-C technology, cellphone disinfection occurs in a matter of seconds and is safe and efficient for cellphone users. 

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It is important to keep cellphones clean and disinfected.

Disinfecting Your Cellphone With UV-C

Traditionally, cell phone users that decide to disinfect their devices do so with liquid or sprayable cleaning products. Users can utilize disinfectant wipes or sprayable cleaning solutions on their electronic devices in hopes of ridding them of harmful bacteria and viruses. This method, however, is quite ineffective and comes with a host of problems. 

Thankfully there is a quick, easy, and cost effective way to disinfect your cell phone and ensure that all of its surfaces are clean and germ free. UV disinfection is the safest, quickest, and easiest way to ensure that your cell phone is disinfected and will not affect your health or make you sick.

When inserting a cellphone in a UV-C equipped ChargeTech product like the Swift UV or a laptop/tablet in a ChargeTech UV Clean & Charge AC Cart, the electronic device will be bathed in UV Light, thereby disinfecting it from the harmful microbes it has encountered over the course of interacting with human hands and other surfaces.

An article from TODAY on the efficacy of different UV Cleaning products describes the process thusly:

“UV light works because it damages the DNA of bacteria, and the DNA or RNA of viruses,” Donald Schaffner, extension specialist in food science and professor at Rutgers University, told TODAY. “If you damage the DNA of the bacteria it dies, and if you damage the nucleic acid of the virus enough it cannot infect.”

In this way, UV Light destroys bacteria, keeping your cellphone and other electronic products free of germs and viruses that linger to their touch screens. When compared to the efficacy of cleaning wipes and sprayable cleaning products, it is clear why UV-C disinfection is the best method for sterilization of your cell phone.

Where these products leave behind toxic residues and create waste, UV-C sterilization leaves behind no residue and creates no waste. In contrast to traditional liquid cleaning products, UV-C light is not corrosive to the metals and glassware in your cell phone, nor will it ever touch or hurt your skin. Making the switch to keeping your electronic devices clean with UV-C technology from ChargeTech will leave your products clean and safe for everyday usage.

The Swift UV can disinfect a cell phone in just 14 seconds. Click on the image to learn more.

ChargeTech Products Keep Your Cellphone Clean

Unlike single-use cleaning products, ChargeTech’s UVC disinfection products have great longevity and work for more than 5,000 hours (60,000+ UVC cleaning cycles). And finally, ChargeTech UVC disinfection products for cell phones eliminate human error and ensure that your cell phone or personal electronic device is fully clean after every use. ChargeTech UVC disinfection provides the perfect solution to the problems created by liquid-based sterilization products, and is clearly the superior choice. 

The Swift UV Light Disinfection

When it comes to disinfection for your cell phone, no product can approach the Swift UV. Using patented UV-C disinfection technology and a novel “phone elevator,” the Swift UV is the best cell phone disinfection machine on the market. Simply place your cell phone on the cell phone elevator, wait 15 seconds, and take your device when it emerges again from the elevator.

In just that 15 seconds, lab studies have shown that the Swift UV has destroyed more than 99.9% of the harmful bacteria and viruses on your cell phone. No other products on the market can compare to the effectiveness and convenience offered by the Swift UV.

The Swift UV is perfect for businesses and public sector facilities like airports, restaurants, libraries, colleges, hotels and other soon to be high-traffic institutions after the threat of COVID-19 begins to disappear in the face of increased vaccination rates and mask-wearing. These devices can be placed in any facility and allow customers, employees and others to quickly and efficiently disinfect their cellphone in order to prevent the spread of bacteria/viruses.

Click here to learn more about the Swift UV

The Swift UV Cell Phone Disinfector by iCleanse

Clean & Charge AC Carts 

ChargeTech is also a producer of larger volume UV-C sterilization products. ChargeTech’s line of UVC disinfection carts and lockers are the perfect solution for disinfecting multiple cell phones at one time, as well as personal computers and tablets. Furthermore, testing for these products has shown light intensity results corresponding to greater than 99.9% effectiveness against harmful bacteria and viruses, making sure your devices are thoroughly disinfected and safe from germs.

These products are perfect for schools, businesses and libraries that need to store, charge and clean/disinfect a large amount of cellphones, laptops/personal computers or tablets.

Click here to learn more about ChargeTech’s Clean & Charge AC Carts

The ChargeTech UV-C Clean and Charge Carts are ideal for disinfecting large numbers of devices at once.

UV-C Disinfection: Clean You Can Trust

Though the UVC disinfection market is cluttered with many different products, ChargeTech’s UVC carts, lockers, and Swift UV provide reliable UV-C cell phone disinfection solutions. No other products can compare to the efficacy, longevity, and convenience of the ChargeTech line of UV-C products.

To learn more about ChargeTech’s UVC disinfection solutions for cell phones, Click here to view our products or reach out to a ChargeTech team member

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