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Classroom Charging Stations, Carts and Cabinets for Colleges, Schools and Universities

Innovations in education technology enhance teaching beyond the traditional textbook. Safely store and charge tablets, laptops & iPads and other devices with classroom charging stations, device storage lockers, and laptop charging carts.

Administrators and educators recognize the convenience factor and learning potential of incorporating more technology into the curriculum. Educators and school district administrators are chasing grants to fund more mobile device learning in the classroom.

School district superintendents also recognize the need for teaching training and the maintenance costs of charging and storing the devices as well. The increase in tablets and smartphones on campus means the added need for classroom charging stations, disinfecting laptop charging carts and computer storage cabinets.

Charging cabinets individually store, charge and secure multiple devices including iPads, tablets and laptops.The charging carts can transport iPads and laptops from classroom to classroom for shared use and the lockers act as a form of loss prevention.

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Multi-device charging lockers offer a solution for managing classroom bacteria by disinfecting devices post student use.

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