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The Best iPad Charging Station for Classroom Disinfection

A classroom charging station has now become a necessity for students in schools. Indeed, most people cannot go about their day without their phones, and this is true particularly for students. This is because they not only use their smart devices for leisure and staying connected – their smartphones, tablets, and laptops are also essential learning tools.

In this post, we are going to explore the varying technological innovations used in the classroom. We also want to emphasize the usefulness of a classroom charging station, specifically the best iPad charging station for classroom and disinfection from ChargeTech.

Technology in the Classroom

There are many learning benefits that technology offers when used in the classroom. For instance, it made learning more engaging. However, most teachers and students find it challenging to adapt to these innovations. Nevertheless, they have a powerful effect on student engagement, retention, motivation, communication, and collaboration.

Within a short time, devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops became indispensable in schools, opening a world of information for modern students and teachers.ipad charging station

There are two main types of gadgets seen in most classrooms – tablets, and laptops. They are relatively common and have been used in class for years. The difference is that today, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are a lot more portable. They are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere, but with the same or, sometimes, even higher capacity.


Charging Tablets 

Tablets are becoming more ubiquitous in schools these days since they are largely affordable and easy to buy in bulk. Along with that, they’re easier to protect than laptops. Getting an impact protection case and a screen protector for each one is generally enough to avoid repairs for months down the road. 

The touch capabilities are also useful, especially for assignments that involve matching a term to a definition. They are also very easy to draw on with just the swipe of a finger, making it ideal for annotations. 

Charging Laptops

Laptops are very similar to tablets, though many of them have the luxury of a larger screen, as well as some other advanced features that tablets cannot offer. For example, typing is generally easier on a laptop than it is on a tablet (unless an external keyboard is attached). This makes it ideal for multiple applications, including essays, tests with open-ended answers, and coding, just as a few examples. At the same time, due to their ability to fold, they are still just as portable as tablets. 

The main limitation with this device is that most are not touch-enabled, so they are not ideal for tasks that require touch capabilities, such as digital art. Some are also more expensive than tablets, though this will of course depend on the brand and the specific model. 

Importance of a Charging Station for Classroom

Without a doubt, schools utilizing mobile devices in their curriculum will need a classroom charging station. A charging station can provide a designated space where students can charge their gadgets for further use in their other classes. 

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Not only this, but some charging stations are coming out with even more advanced features, such as disinfecting capabilities. 

We’ll explore more benefits of these devices below: 

Allows All-Day Availability

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are useless if they are not charged. While schools do have outlets where students can charge their devices, they are not enough. Students will have to take turns charging, which is impractical if each one must have a single device. A classroom charging cart or station can solve this problem.

An iPad charging station or a laptop charging station can provide enough USB port or AC outlet for every device, per the number of students in class. By installing charging stations in a classroom, schools can eliminate the wait times and ensure that every student will have a ready, fully-charged device in time for class.

Organizes Charging for Students

If there is anything unsightly about numerous devices charging at once it is the multitude of power adapters and charging cords all over the place. Not only is it unsightly, though, it also poses a tripping hazard, and there is a high likelihood that all the cords will get tangled up. Schools can avoid the mess through charging stations that also have the feature of organizing cables and cords. Most charging stations or carts have a specific number of slots that help manage the devices.

It all depends on the type of charging station. With most charging stations, you simply place them on the table or floor or perhaps mounted on the wall. Some charging stations are also carts, giving you the benefit of moving it wherever it’s needed and then moving it over to another classroom or storage area when the students are done using them for the day.

Prevents Theft and Tampering

A charging station for the classroom also offers security. There is a risk of theft and tampering in simply leaving a device by any outlet to charge during class. This is a risk schools are actively aiming to prevent, especially considering how valuable tablets and laptops are. 

Today, most charging stations that are made for school use include a lock feature. They secure the devices charging inside the charging station, effectively reducing the risk of schools having to replace stolen or lost devices. These make charging stations for laptops, iPads and Chromebooks a significant investment.

Disinfects the Devices While They Charge

The ability to disinfect the devices while charging is not a standard feature in all charging stations. However, you can find some here at ChargeTech – charging carts and charging stations that help keep the learning tools used by students clean and germ-free. At this time, when the pandemic is still a major issue, a charging station that disinfects is a big help.

Schools with charging stations that disinfect devices can reduce the chance of people getting infected by COVID and all other common illnesses like the cold and flu. Simply wiping down your phone, Chromebook, or iPad is no longer enough. You need UV disinfection to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses completely rather than having them linger on the surface. 

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Introducing 10 Bay UV Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet 2.0 by ChargeTech

Having just discussed how beneficial charging stations are for schools, we want to introduce one of ChargeTech’s most popular charging solutions – 10 Bay UV Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet 2.0

The 10 Bay UV Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet 2.0 is a 2-in-1 device. It charges devices and also disinfects them with UV light. This charging cabinet is highly convenient, being capable of charging up to 10 devices at once. It’s ideal for classroom devices since you can charge it at the end of each school day and have the devices be ready to go for the next. 

This charging station is ideal for charging larget devices. We designed it to be spacious enough to charge Chromebooks, MacBooks, and other brands of laptops. It is the second generation of  our best-selling charging and disinfection station, with numerous updates and improvements that make it more efficient at UV-C disinfection.

Features and Benefits of 10 Bay UV Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet 2.0

Below are the main features of our most-popular ChargeTech charging station. Read on to see if these will benefit your classroom, libraries, teacher’s lounge, and other school areas.

Higher Disinfection Efficacy

This charging station comes with an improved reflective interior. The inside of the cabinet is made of reflective stainless steel along with some white dividers. Both of these features help to optimize the UV-C used for disinfection. As such, this ChargeTech charging station is far more efficient and capable of cleaning more surfaces.

Continuous Charging and Multiple Devices at Once

As we mentioned before, the 10 Bay UV Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet 2.0 can fit ten devices inside. Besides the space, it comes with hour-long charging intervals and continuous charging mode. You can set it to charge the devices nonstop if you hold the power button for three seconds. It will supply power until someone turns off the cart or when power is cut.

Charges and Cleans Devices at the Same Time

This ChargeTech charging cart can charge and clean simultaneously, meaning no time is wasted while waiting. While the station supplies power to laptops, Chromebooks, and MacBooks, you can activate the UV-C lighting to clean the devices within a 5-minute cycle. You can also set the disinfection in 10 or 15-minute cycles.

Ideal for Use Anywhere

We highly recommend this charging cart for classrooms. However, it can also be used in other parts of the school such as in libraries. For example, if a student checks out an eBook, they can visit the library and grab a tablet to read it. It can also be used in teacher’s lounges. If the teachers were provided laptops from the school, they can easily grab it before the school day starts and have it be completely clean and ready to go. 

Safe to Use

The 10 Bay UV Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet 2.0 is safe to use. We designed it with the users’ safety in mind, adding three vital protection features. One of these features is the Open Door UV-C Light Shutoff, automatically turning off the UV-C light disinfection. Additionally, it has Over Voltage and Over Heating Protection that lower the risk of accidental fires.

Other ChargeTech B2B Charging Solutions

Of course, the 10 Bay UV Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet 2.0 is not the only charging station we offer. ChargeTech has a wide range of solutions to provide for clients looking to adopt the latest technologies and innovations to meet the demands and needs of their clients. When it comes to device management solutions, ChargeTech promises reliable solutions.

UV-C & Antimicrobial

At ChargeTech, you can find a selection of products that offer UV-C and antimicrobial features besides the 10 Bay charging cabinet 2.0. We have a variety of disinfecting stations for mobile devices and other gadgets. We also have a laptop sleeve to keep laptops clean from harmful microbes. If it is to keep germs away from your device, we have a solution that suits you.

Portable Power

ChargeTech also has numerous lithium-ion battery packs available. These battery packs allow you to charge your USB or AC device anytime, anywhere you are. Charging from a wall connection is not always ideal or possible. Fortunately, you can still use your device by bringing a ChargeTech universal battery pack with you.

Charging Carts & Lockers

Besides the typical charging station that is small and portable enough for taking from one place to another, we also have other mobile charging solutions. We have charging carts with wheels for quickly moving. Meanwhile, the charging lockers are an excellent option for schools looking into an even more secure charging solution for their students.

Cables & Accessories

ChargeTech also offers various cables and accessories, such as USB cords, AC cables, adapters, and the like. If your charger is lost or broken or you need any accessory for your gadget or charging station, you will find what you are looking for with ChargeTech. We strive to be the one place to find all your technology needs.


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Get Your Classroom Charging Station from ChargeTech Today

ChargeTech is your home of charging and antimicrobial solutions for technological innovations. You can trust us when in need of a reliable charging station for your classroom, hospital, office, and anywhere else. We are here to ensure that students and teachers can stay connected with each other and with friends and families, inside and outside of the school.

Get your classroom charging station from ChargeTech today to:

  • Never miss your classes, activities, and meetings again.
  • Get your phone, tablet, and laptop charged no matter where you are.
  • Increase the safety of students and professors with disinfecting and secure charging stations.

Browse through ChargeTech today to see the many antimicrobial solutions and enterprise services we offer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!



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